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11 Replies to “Sam Harris on Islam. A superb 6 minutes. Enjoy.”

  1. Having no prior familiarity with anti-theist, Sam Harris’ work, it appears the characterization given him by the introduction in the full video, that he contradicts his own beliefs.
    Example: In the introduction the following is said of Sam Harris at approx.02:04 : “I think it’s even gentle to say Sam is a ‘iconoclast’, especially of religion. He’s been hard on all forms of fundamentalism, especially Islam and that might give some of us in the progressive religious movement a – make us feel more comfortable. The fact is , he is pretty critical of progressive religion also. Seeing it also as enabling of those with more radical beliefs.”

    If that is so, then Harris contradicts himself with the following statement criticising the “Islam is Peace” lie which winds its way to around the 40 minute mark in the full version video :

    “And this is just a fact we have to speak honestly about. And no one should be speaking more honestly about this, and more voluably about this than ‘moderate muslims’. ‘Moderate muslims have to find some way to grapple with this fact. But to say that Osama bin Laden is David Koresh is just a lie and its a dangerous lie at this point. ”

    Also go back to the 9:30 mark (full video), and review his discussion of the interaction he had with one of Obama’s advisors on science about cognitive privacy concerns with truth detection technology used in war time interrogations. Wow. Just wow.

  2. True enough, Francis. But everything he said checks out with me, for what that’s worth. For my money, I’s say he was bang on about Islam.

  3. Francis W. Porretto and Richard,

    You shouldn’t complain about him criticizing other religions. Weather you like it or not, there maybe some things about other religions that one should be critical of. Plus it will give him more credence with his fellow atheists. Its actually a good thing that there are some people out there that are critical of Christian and Islam. For one thing, it will make things harder on PC leftists and stealth jihadists. He can point out how hypocritical it is to be upset by someone criticizing Islam and at the same time not being upset that he’s criticizing Christianity.

  4. Perched high in their prayer tower the muzzies could congregate. They would ask for Allah to bless them in their hot tea jihad. When the infidels bring the offending pig near their sacred space they could spill their hot tea on to it and thus score another failure for Allah this christmas. All I can say to you Allah is you really picked the biggest idiots on the planet to do your work! Best of luck Allah. You are going to need it. The smart dudes are not going to convert to your idiotic religion. Sooooo you will be stuck with the crew you already have for another year of JIHAD.

  5. Sam Harris needs to mention the fact that Islam is the stupidest of all relgions. Not all religions are intelligent. Islam is the dumbest of them all. The great Philospher Shopenhaure writing in the nineteenth century did not even consider it worthy of attention. He wrote about the doctrines of Hindus, Buddhist, Jews and Christians and that was that. The madnesss of Islam he passed because it was barbaric and stupid.

  6. Jainism is just offshoot of Hinduism and Mahivara the founder was in fact a contemporary of the Buddha. Buddhism is also in essense a off shoot of Hindusim as is the much later Sikh Dharma. Jainism is becoming more well know due to globalisation and has even got one of the leading animal rights advocates in America, Gary L Francione, a law proff to convert to Jainism and to promote it as part of his animal rights work. So Jainism is involved in the leading up a division of the modern animal rights movement. Naturally not everyone agrees with the viewpoint of Francione but it is out there and it very much Jain.

  7. So Jainism is involved in the leading up of a division of the modern animal rights movement. Naturally not everyone agrees with the viewpoint of Francione but it is out there and it is very much Jain. Sorry about the silly mistakes above. Must check more.

  8. Now addressing the question of whether Harris is right to target all religions as symptoms of irrationality. I think as an atheist that is the standard position for him. It is lame as it brushes everything equally with the same brush but Harris shows some ability to discriminate with regards to his view on Jainism and Islam and thus show them to be poles apart. Not all the atheists are so blessed with that kind of intelligence. They are liable to swing at all of them by which I mean Christianity and say nothing about Islam just in case an axe gets lodged in their skull. The standard atheist may move to Islam as well as is the case of Pat Condell. This is certainly becoming more and common but for my money Athism is dull and devoid of any nourishment of its own. It is a vampire creed. It lives on sucking the blood of other religions otherwise it is has no existence. In some ways it has a lot in common with Islam which also bases its own existence on destroying the other, namely the Kuffar. Both Islam and atheism justifies themselves by tearing down others and that is thier rationale in any debate. Amazingly these two often meet in their hate marches (leftie/Islam marches) against Isreal. How fittting since they are both vampire creeds living off the tearing down of their hosts.

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