Two women stabbed, one to death, in Israel. CTV sanitizes the attackers

As usual, CTV, like most Canadian media, deliberately omits the description given by the surviving attack victim of the two Arab men who killed one tourist, and stabbed the Israeli tour guide repeatedly. A logical policy after years of critical theory infecting all areas of academia.


Israel: Body Of Missing U.S. Tourist Found
December 19, 2010
Israeli security forces have found the body of Christine Logan, a U.S. tourist believed to have been kidnapped Dec. 18 by Arab assailants while hiking with a friend near Jerusalem, Haaretz reported Dec. 19. Logan’s friend, a 46-year-old British immigrant named Kaye Susan Wilson, managed to escape the attackers by pretending to be dead after suffering multiple stab wounds. According to Wilson, she and Logan were hiking at Khirbet Hanut, near Beit Shemesh, when they were assaulted by two Arab men. Security forces, including Israel Defense Forces and border police troops, launched a manhunt for Logan shortly after Wilson reported the attack, and Shin Bet and the police are currently investigating the possible presence of terrorism cells in the area. The search for the assailants is ongoing.

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2 Replies to “Two women stabbed, one to death, in Israel. CTV sanitizes the attackers”

  1. Vlad, this is standard for CTVCBCBBC,,, but it is also standard for the jerusalem post and ha’aretz and other news outlets in Israel as well!!

    So I expect the CTC to sanitize things. This is the media that created the word “gunman” and never defining the term.

    In fact, on, there is no mention of this gross crime, at all.

    Before june 5, 1967, the jerusalem post was called “palestine post”. This is a fact. I can scan and email to you copies.

    The jerusalem post stil thinks that it is the palestine post. Guest columnists are Ed Koch and other American democrat jews, who only recently admit shock at Obama.

    I have more faith in Christians than Jews when it comes to Israel’s safety.

    BTW – did you receive the $24

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