Press TV gets it sort of right with the Paris anti-sharia conference

Iranian state TV, Press TV, covered the counter jihad conference in Paris this weekend and actually got some of it right. The fact is however, the praying in the street has little to nothing to do with “not enough mosque space” and everything to do with establishing the primacy of Islam in France. Many mosques go empty during the Friday ‘prayer’ demonstrations of the power of Islam in France.

The comments on the youtube page for this video came in fast and furious. Some might amuse.

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2 Replies to “Press TV gets it sort of right with the Paris anti-sharia conference”

  1. The reporter surprised me by letting the anti-Islam speakers say their piece without nasty remarks being made. He does need to learn the difference between a race and a religion but all told this was a more even handed report then I expected.

  2. Wait a minute… did I hear the reporter correctly at the end of this story… did he say “quest for integration”! I get the “quest” part but “integration”! Oh, hold the phone, I get it now… I’m just a bit confused about who’s expected to integrate into whom!!!

    Father Grace

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