They’re at it again.

This simply can’t be allowed to happen. This Organization of the Islamic Conference (OIC) cannot be allowed to exert its influence or control of ICANN. Every freedom loving patriot no matter what country you hail from or political persuasion you belong to, should be worried over this development. The OIC has already been highly successful in subverting the UN General Assembly, and is vigorously pursuing an agenda to get criticism of Islam criminalized the world over, now its got its sights on this innocuous sounding organization that’s soon to become under the auspices of international, multilateral control.

Here is what the law fare project has to say about it:

The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) is the entity responsible for assigning domain names on the Internet, and was established as a non-profit corporation based in California during the Clinton administration so that the Internet’s development would be coordinated by a single entity.

ICANN works “in particular to ensure the stable and secure operation of the Internet’s unique identifier systems.”[1] As part of this mission, ICANN approves Domain Name Registrars, which are organizations that register specific domain names, and assigns IP addresses, the numerical codes by which computers actually connect to each other via the Internet.

From November 25, 1998 until September 30, 2009, ICANN was overseen by the U.S. Commerce Department. The Memorandum of Understanding between the Department of Commerce and ICANN was allowed to expire, to be replaced by international, multilateral control.

The Lawfare Project report goes on further to note that the OIC’s Secretary-General, Ekmeleddin Ihsanoglu is aggressively working to ensure that this entity will work closely with the OIC’s Islamophobia Observatory, in order to combat anti-Islamic content on the net.

11) NOTE: in November, ICANN’s Nominating Committee selected its first-ever Middle Eastern Director, Cherine Chalaby. Chalaby holds dual citizenship to his native Egypt and the United Kingdom.[6]

12) Should the League of Arab States gain bloc voting power at ICANN, there is every indication that it will seek to replicate its effective takeover of the United Nations General Assembly, likely in conjunction with the Organization of the Islamic Conference (OIC).

13) The OIC is extremely interested in developing internet capability, and recently formed a Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT) with the following mission statement: “OIC-CERT is to provide a platform for member countries to explore and to develop collaborative initiatives and possible partnerships in matters pertaining to cyber security that shall strengthen their self reliant [sic] in the cyberspace.”[7]

14) OIC-CERT’s Steering Committee consists of the following countries: Tunisia, Malaysia, Pakistan, Nigeria, Iran, Saudi Arabia, and Egypt.[8]

15) On October 28, 2010, at OIC-CERT’s Second Annual General Meeting, OIC Secretary-General Ekmeleddin Ihsanoglu noted the following as a core mission of OIC-CERT: “In view of the phenomena of discrimination, stereotyping and defamation targeting Muslims and their religion known as ‘Islamophobia,’ we invite the OIC-CERT to use its available professional and technical resources (in line with its objectives stated in terms of reference) in order to cooperate with the ‘OIC Islamophobia Observatory’ to identify the best ways and means including technical, administrative and legal tools to combat anti-Islamic contents on the internet.“[9] This issue bears more directly on the ongoing debate regarding ‘public morality’ objections and will be considered more fully in Point 2 below.

On thing has to be said about the OIC, they are relentless, and they have to be stopped. The very issue of free speech is at stake here, which means the freedom to criticize religion and any ideology, that includes Islam. The gauntlet has been thrown. KGS


  1. Finally the “big guns” of Islam are beginning to flex their muscle out in the open.

    While many analysts will claim that Islam has no central authority, no equivalent to the Pope, they are wrong in thinking that Islam is not unified against the west and the free world.

    The OIC is a political body in exactly the same way that the Comnitern was a political body; an organization dedicated to world conquest by any means necessary. It is the ummah wrought large. It is from this organization that most funding for terrorists, mosques, madrassah schools, “information” centers and the purchase of properties like the GZ mosque come from.

    Ancillary to this organization is the one thing that has kept them alive for the past 40 years: OPEC.

    I wish that the leaders of the west would recognize the OIC as a threat and start taking appropriate action where it is needed; directly aimed at Riyadh, Tripoli, Cairo, Tehran, Ankara, and wherever else the OIC has offices.

    We have let this go on for too long. Now is the time for assertive action of the sort that was appropriate over 70 years ago against a similar enemy: the Axis.

  2. PS Don’t believe a word that Cherine Chalaby holds dual citizenship: he is a citizen of the ummah first and foremost. All other loyalties come after his loyalty to Islam and count for little more than the ability to take privileges from them.

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