BBC Much kinder to Sikh members of the EDL.

It is absolutely stunning what the BBC will allow a person to get away with, when talking about Islam, when that person is brown and not Christian. Not that anything he says is not true, it all is. But Tommy Robinson would simply never be allowed to say these things about Islam without interruption and snide contempt.

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6 Replies to “BBC Much kinder to Sikh members of the EDL.”

  1. Great speaker and thankfully, he was allowed to speak his opinion and that of his group (EDL). Islam is indeed a political idiology and it must be debated on all fronts. In the end, it can only help the great majority of Muslim who don’t want anything to do with this madness but are still too afraid to speak out.

  2. I love it, the BBC had to let him say what he wanted and treat him respectfully or be called racist themselves, yet what he had to say was against all the good leftist believe. They are banging their heads on the wall to try and figure how to stop him telling the truth about Islam without being called racist.

  3. He’s a great speaker and, as noted before, notice how polite and willing to let him air his views the BBC were. Stark contrast with their treatment of Tommy Robinson.

  4. What an inspirational man!
    The sad truth is that the EDL needs to get as many men like him as possible simply to be listened to.

  5. Which shows the racism of the left, they are racists against all whites, they will refuse to accept anything a white says as truth yet take any statement a non white makes as the gospel.

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