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14 Replies to “Girl attempts to lie to Chris Hitchens face about Islam in Iran.”

  1. Richard the leftists are getting to be a bit wiser. I am amazed this idiot woman did not have the whole room of “useful idiots” to quote Lenin clapping and hooting as they usually do. Maybe I am being a tad harsh. I always think shows like this are packed to the rafters with useful idiots. Who know what the makeup of the audience was. In anycase the parting point of the left and the muslims in their unholy alliance could be in the muslim treatment of women. People can clearly see the unfair treatment of muslim women just by looking. Even the blindest leftie would have to part company with his beloved muslims on this point.

  2. arabconqueredpersian the left is also getting desperate, at least in the US and some of the second tier are calling for violent protests to the November election. This will be a real big mistake since the rest of us aren’t in any mood to let them get away with violence.

    As for them splitting over the treatment of women, that and the treatment of Gays, another point that is/will be a point of friction is who is going to be top dog? Who will be calling the shots, the left has spent way too many decades trying to gain total control to want to share any power with the Moslems.

  3. You are right the homosexual issue is also a parting point. However, the main thing about the lefties and muslims is a delight in not talking about what disunites them but what unites them. What unites them is a hatred for the west and for isreal. All else is shelved to allow the frothing hatred to blend together in the embrace of the red and the greens. The key word for them is racism. The west is racist. Jews are racist. Muslims are victims. The fat well fed palastinians are victims of racist imperialist jews etc. Now how to turn that around. Well how about accusing them of racism. Liken their hatred of jews to that of the nazi regime of Germany. I hear that jew hater Galloway has been accused of being an anti semite and thus forced to defend himself. The EDL has to show its multi cultural colours more and more and we can then see the alliance of the reds and greens for what it is a racist alliance against the non muslims. Racism seems to be the trump card. The anti-jihad has no choice but to play that card often and play it well. It is a sort of Geert Wilders and a Wafa Sultan card. Or a Tommy Robinson and a Ayann Hirsi Ali card. United against facist islam indeed.

  4. I would be curious to know the amount of screening that has gone before selecting this audience. Also, what is wrong with Western culture in that it’s usually represented by women and effeminate rags who start capitulating and compromising even before the first blow is dealt, instead of men who stand up to be counted.

  5. She is not a Muslim woman as much as she is a feminist liberal. notice how she was allowed to speak uninterrupted and when she is answered she talks over the reply. This is a perfect example of liberalism.

  6. arabconqueredpersian you said What unites them is a hatred for the west and for Israel. and then went one to talk about how racism is their word and how it unites them. Both groups are highly racist, and both groups consider themselves to be the good guys around the world, since they are highly racist they think that their enemies are much worse. There is no way the right can be as racist as the left, and the left with the help of the Moslems are getting ready to start genocide against a lot of groups that don’t support them. The Jews are only the first on their list.

  7. Richard I meant that the idea of using the smear word of racism as a tool of attack. The right never uses this tool. This is a key idea that the left exploits. They are the first to accuse anyone of racism. However, to defeat that one accuasation we only need the wonderful Wafa Sultan And Geert Wilders to appear together and show a united front to totally destroy the accusation fo racism and then to use the smear tactic against the jew hating left. I know it is kinda convoluted but we live in contorted times! Still it is doable in a media context and so worth trying. The leaders of the antijihad need to appear together on these tv shows. Pam geller and Wafa Sultan, or Spencer and Ayan Hirsi Ali etc The accusation of racism dies an immediate death when a multiculteral front is presented. The leaders of the anti jihad need to show a united and multiculteral face. Just think if on this show Ayan Hirsi Ali had spoken after Hitchens and delivered the knock out punch. You can see the effectiveness that I wish we could see happening. Anyway hope springs eternal. We will see it in the future.

  8. There always seems to be a young Muslim woman in the audience ready to say stuff like that – feel-good statements that are guaranteed to knock off at least half of the audience in one blow. Everybody at this blog knows that girl is wrong, but very few normal people have a clue, and will tend to give the girl the benefit of the doubt. I mean, what she’s saying sounds so reasonable, and what’s more, it’s very much what we want to be true. We want it to be true that there is some viable path we can go down with regard to Islam, not that the mixing of East and West results in an unresolvable clash of cultures and cannot be accomplished. The truth is, after all, pretty darn depressing. So even if Hitch did clobber her, I’ll bet her words rang true with much of the audience, anyway. If I say the sky is blue and you say it is yellow, then the sky’s being blue is no longer a fact, but has just become one of various opinions. Who knows, really…who can say for sure? I pray that a few key people, like Oprah Winfrey or Alan Alda or something, will come to their senses and speak up about this stuff. No one’s ever going to listen to some right-winger braying in the wilderness, but they might listen to Oprah or Hawkeye.

  9. arabconqueredpersian thank you for you clarification, and I like your idea, I just wish that you had some network like FOX news over there to put our side of the debate before the public, still it is a good idea even with the MSM distorting things.

    Chris welcome to the fight against the left, they have been using this tactic for decades, and it continues to work because they have control of the MSM and the educational establishment. This was why they worked so hard to take control of them, they have succeeded in dumbing down the education people are given to a scary extent. In a recent study well over 70% of the seniors in the New York City high schools couldn’t tell the years that the America Civil War started and stopped, and over half couldn’t place it in the right century. Without history to guide us we are condemned to repeat all of the old mistakes, this was why the left wanted control, they wanted to be able to take control without facing the obvious statements that they are going against the idea of individual freedom.

    After the dumbing down of the educational establishment people don’t know about the reasons for the Crusades, or that from the Iranian border west all of the land was Christian nations until the Moslems captured them by military force.

    FYI, what is being done is called the Big Lie technique, the idea (which works) is that if you tell a big enough lie often enough people will start to believe it. It worked in Nazi Germany and it is working now.

  10. What rights, precisely, under the Koran and Sharia law, do women have?
    From what I see, they don’t even have the right to live.
    And they certainly don’t have the right to be unmolested.

  11. I believe they have the right to remain silent as well as the right to have everything they say held against them. There…

  12. Chris you are right there is always a muslim woman to put the arguement for the islamic/left alliance. It has become a pattern. A rage boy spruced up and feminised for the western audience.

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