Ok what about Thor? Or Peter Pan? What is f*cking wrong with the British?

Here is the most infuriating thing I have seen today and the most solid evidence of the sharia being imposed on the general British public. Really guys it’s time for a real armed revolt over there. At what point do you say the rule of law, as British people have created, fought killed and died for it, no longer is working in your interest or indeed is recognizable as British law at all? Clearly you could say anything you want publicly about Jesus, Thor, Aphrodite, Hercules? Could you say something negative about Peter Pan or Papa Smurf? I guarantee you that you can. It is Islamic symbols and only Islamic symbols that get you in trouble with the law.

I guess the only redeeming thing, is he is not being stoned to death at the tower of London.



This is Leicestershire:

Anti-Allah outburst earns EDL supporter £200 fine after protest in Leicester

The trial was held at Leicester Magistrates' Court

The trial was held at Leicester Magistrates’ Court

By terry hall

A man has been fined for making offensive comments about Allah during the English Defence League protest in Leicester.

Lee Whitby was found guilty of using racially aggravated abusive words during the protest in the city centre on Saturday, October 9.

During a trial at Leicester Magistrates’ Court yesterday, the 27-year-old pleaded not guilty to chanting “threatening, abusive or insulting” words that were likely to cause “harassment, alarm or distress.”

Although he admitted making comments, Whitby said he did not believe they would have been heard by anyone other than police officers or fellow EDL supporters.

However, magistrate Rick Moore ruled that officers were likely to have been alarmed by the defendant’s words.

Whitby, of Holley Place, Stoke-on-Trent, said he was an EDL supporter and had travelled by train to Leicester on the day of the protest with about 30 people from Stoke and Crewe.

He also admitted being part of previous EDL protests in Newcastle, Dudley, Stoke, Bolton and Bradford.

The defendant told the court he was leaving the protest site in Humberstone Gate East and was being ushered towards the train station when he uttered the offensive chant.

Whitby, who chose to represent himself, said: “I went to an EDL demo and was in an area which was isolated away from everyone else.

“The only people that would have heard were the EDL.

“I was not aiming it at anyone. No-one around would find it offensive. Otherwise, I wouldn’t have said it.

“I was just voicing my opinion at an EDL meeting with just EDL people around.”

Alexandra Blossom, prosecuting, said the comments made were bound to cause harassment, alarm or distress because of Leicester’s multicultural society and the fact the words were said in the city centre.

She said: “A number of people present that day were likely to be offended.

“It was a high-profile event and members of the public would have been in the city on a Saturday.

“The remarks are even offensive to police.

“A clear message needs to be sent out about using such behaviour in a multicultural city.”

The court heard Whitby had two previous convictions for common assault.

Mr Moore said: “It is a fact you were with others chanting and police were within hearing distance but there is no evidence of non-police officers within hearing distance.

“It is likely that a police officer or officers hearing the words would be likely to be alarmed and for that reason we find you guilty of this offence.”

Whitby was fined £200 and ordered to pay a further £200 in costs, as well as a £15 victim surcharge.

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  1. This is very disturbing and is being carefully avoided by the media in the UK.
    Basically this guy has had a race law used against him to cover a religious statement.Therefore this is a political gag enforced by the British legal system using a law designed to stop racism.As we all know Islam and allah are religious they are not a race! Muslims can be any race.So how is criticism of allah a racially “aggravated race issue”. The court trying to declare that “police might be offended” is literally a cop out.The court has no basis.This in my opinion is a miscarriage of justice and is being tried by the courts to set a precedent to enforce thought crimes.The person involved was also banned from attending any further protests.I will never accept this so called “law” it is purely a political dogma,gagging order.The judiciary should be ashamed of themselves.Also the the only reason the Leicester mercury printed this story is because they are anti-EDL as is plainly evident in their articles.They have to keep their “multicultural” cronies and highly ethnic population happy.So it is now illegal to utter words in England.

  2. These jackasses are fining UK citizens while the Islamic horde is concentrating on turning the UK into an Islamic Caliphate. The mental disorder of liberalism has now infected every level of the UK government including the so called ‘justice’ system. We in the US still have free speech , however the administration of our ‘Dear Leader’ and his Czars and Commissars are hard at work desperately trying to pass unconstutionial ‘hate speech’ laws. The Leftists hate the Constitution and especially the Amendments called the ‘Bill Of Rights’ thet would rather have a Big Brother dictatorship.

  3. Eeyore you mentioned that it is time for a massive armed rebellion, I don’t know if it is time for it, but if it isn’t that time is rapidly approaching, the problem is where are they going to get the weapons to fight with? In Europe there are only three groups that have large numbers of weapons, the government in the police stations and military armories. The Moslems that according to some of the reports I have been reading have weapons that were smuggled in from the Islamic nations. And the criminals, the latter group would sell the weapons but how do the rebels now they aren’t talking to the police? In the US the Second Amendment protects our right to own weapons and the ordinary people have been buying guns and ammo like crazy ever since Obama took office.

    And Yes I know you can use a zipgun to acquire a fine weapon from your enemies, the US dropped millions of them over occupied Europe during WWII. But where do you get the knowledge of how to build a zipgun? I sure wouldn’t want to go to any of the websites that tell you how to do that, the governments of all nations keep a close watch on who is visiting those websites.

  4. Well the first thing they need to do, is proper civil disobedience. A million Brits need to insult ‘Allah’, Mohamed’s imaginary friend, and then demand to be arrested and tried. I would say that would be a fantastic first step. And I do mean demand. In fact I think I shall suggest it to the EDL.

  5. That is a good idea, large numbers of people begging the police to arrest them and then pleading guilty of violating what they insist is an illegal arrest. This type of action will gain them a lot of sympathy from the middle and possibly even some of the upper class. I would recommend that they keep things peaceful as much as possible for a while. Although putting pork sausages in Halal (sp) sections of the meat at the grocery store is a good idea provided they don’t get caught. What they should be doing over the winter is planning disobedience campaigns that will gain them sympathy and recruits and if possible finding members of the police that will quietly slip them warning of actions against them. Tell them that they can get a lot of good ideas from reading about how Gandhi managed his civil disobedience campaign. Although I doubt that the present British government is as civilized as the one back in the 1930s or late 40s. They should also read Saul Alinskys (sp?) Rules for Radicals, they/we don’t have time to do a lot of what he talks about but it will help them to discover how to fight back in the political and propaganda arena. I am trying to think of other books for the EDL to read but nothing is coming to mind, tell them to haunt the used book stores and try and find military books on unconventional war, they will have a lot of good ideas on civil disobedience. I hope and pray they won’t have to resort to armed rebellion, I really do but don’t know if they can avoid it.

  6. More Somali news

    Somali Muslim Pirates Who Held British Couple Have Families…In Britain…


    Crazy. Totally Crazy.

    And this

    British troops take out 271 Taliban in six-day blitz


    Neither of these items, particularly the first one, which is an Intelligence intercept, need have been released for public view. And yet they have. Both matters are politically very sensitive. The first one is an Intellligence item, the second only excites our Muslims. Yet they were released. I’m sure they must have had top clearance.

  7. Top clearance and small minds, who ever did this was trying to match the Alpha Hotel who gave all those documents (may he rot in hell) to Wikileaks. This is what happens when people aren’t taught to love their country. The entire world is going to end up bleeding because of fools like those.

  8. Sharia law has finally infiltrated the British courts.

    The UK has now officially become “Britainistan” and the jihadists are cheering all the way to victory.

    Not if we can help it…

    We need the spirit of 1940 to rise up and defend the UK, not dhimified courts that uphold sharia law.

  9. You need something like the TEA party, this was a grass roots party that took off and the Republicans are running hard to stay in front so they won’t be run over. Britain needs something like this, some group that will catch the public and ignite a desire to change things back to freedom. I don’t know how they can do this but that is what they need.

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