Taliban Threaten Netherlands Over Geert Wilders

If the Taliban don’t like you, you must be doing something really right.


Somehow, the Taliban don’t seem to like the Dutch government under the tolerance of Geert Wilders’ PVV. Their speaker for Afghanistan, Zabiullah Mujahid, let it be known that a “Jihadist group” from the little country will be administered, if the anti-Islam policies are forced.

The Basler Zeitung reports:

A Taliban leader is accusing the Netherlands of working on an anti-Islam policy with Geert Wilders. If his policies are advanced, it could lead to an attack.

A commander of the Afghan Taliban has, according to a newspaper report, warned the Netherlands of an attack, if the new government implements the demands of Islam opponent Geert Wilders. “If the Netherlands remain by their anti-Islamic policies or increase their intensity, then they will most certainly be the target of a Jihadist group,” the daily newspaper “Volkskrant” on Monday quoted Zabiullah Mujahid, the official speaker of the Taliban for eastern and northern Afghanistan.

If Wilders successfully “manipulates” the Dutch Parliament “so that it passes more anti-Islam laws, then there is no doubt that Muslims from other countries will become active in order to help their Muslim brothers and sisters,” Mujahid said further. (…)

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3 Replies to “Taliban Threaten Netherlands Over Geert Wilders”

  1. It looks like the ROPers are getting a little worried about our lad Geert.
    Whist passing through Einhoven yesterday I saw the cover of a magazine with Geert’s picture on it with the words” Geert Wilders the most powerful man in Holland”.
    So in their usual fashion the Islamoturds threaten murder.
    I’m wondering if the tide is slowly turning?

  2. Yes the tide is turning, and it is gaining momentum, massive disruptions like those coming will advance at their own pace, and if I am reading the signs right the turning tide has reached a point where it can’t be stopped.

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