BBC: Panorama expose on Muslim schools in the UK

These are not government funded schools, so the Brits will have a rough time with this one. Dozens of Muslim schools in the UK teaching blatant hatred of Jewish people as well as how to amputate limbs of thieves sharia style.

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  1. “These are not government funded schools”

    no but it happens at the government funded schools as well.

    Good to see a British politician saying that anti-semetic teaching will not be tolerated, I’ll be waiting for him to ban the Koran now.
    I figure I’ll be waiting a long time.

    Can’t wait for the boys in blue, to see the show, think about “context”, and then arrest the producer.

  2. I believe that the producers of Hidden Mosque, namely #4 in the UK, were fined tens of thousands if not hundreds of thousands of dollars for exposing the hate and contempt that is the orthodoxy in government funded mosques n the UK. The BBC however, is government funded. Fining them seems a bit pointless.

  3. Walid Shoebat in his recent speech approached the question of how many of these schools preach hatred and he says 100% of them do. No question.

    Ayaan Hirsi Ali in her recent speech (FORA TV among other sites) said that if a muslim wants to both live in a free Western democracy and live by the values of his adoptive country AND wishes to remain a muslim, he would have to leave behind 75% of the material in the Koran.

    The government education ministers may talk the talk about non-acceptance of this material being taught and ABSOLUTELY NOTHING HAPPENS.

    It’s common knowledge by now how extensive this is and how caustic to our society, and yet it’s condoned by our lack of action by our traitorous and cowardly elite.

  4. Actually Eeyore, if memory serves, the case came to nothing. The police couldn’t prove their assertion that the film had been edited with bias. I don’t even thing it got to court.
    I could be wrong, frequently am.

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