Egypt: Mob burns Christian homes

From ADNKRONOS by way of The Religion of Peace

Cairo, 16 Nov. (AKI) – A group of Islamic radicals set fire to 10 houses belonging to Christians in a village approximately 500 kilometres south of Cairo, less than a month after Al-Qaeda said it would target the northern African country’s religious minority.

Local security forces said the assailants would have caused far more damage had they not been arrested.

Following an October attack on a Baghdad church that killed at least 58 people, Al-Qaeda said it would target Christians in the Middle East and northern Africa and singled out those in Egypt.

Attacks on Christians have increased despite announcements of support by Muslim leaders.

Coptic Christians make up around 10 percent of Egypt’s population of 80 million.

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4 Replies to “Egypt: Mob burns Christian homes”

  1. What a strange world, we are not allowed to burn the so-called sacred text of Islam, however the radical Islamists in Egypt seem to have no problem burning Christians and their homes. IMHO I think there is a pogrom against Christians developing in Egypt, and many in the government and their media are giving it little or no attention.

  2. This is not new to those – the few – who follow the behaviour of muslim varmints; their consistency to initiate force on non-muslims. They are immoral, in the opinion of Milton Friedman and Ayn Rand, et al.

    Ignoring this also includes the Jerusalem Post ( known as the Palestine Post before June 6, 1967) and Ha’aretz. Careful not to piss off Egypt.

    Shameful that Israel surrendered so much land to these varmints.

    If Israel ever takes back the Sinai, they should allocate a big chunk of land to allow Copts to re-settle there and live in peace. An area that Israel should build a city where anyone can live – except muslims because they will eventually ruin it.

  3. The world is going through a realignment, the left worked hard to destroy the West so the Soviets could take over, now the Moslems are reaping the results of the lefts work. The West is once again fragmented and often at odds with each other, so the Moslems think we are easy pickings. Another thing the Moslems know is that it is unlikely that any western nation will use nuclear weapons against them, at least not until things are a lot worse and the Moslems hope that by that time they will be able to match our nuclear weapons with ones of their own.

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