The Sacred Church of 88

from Pastor Joseph Goebbels

I am writing on behalf of the Church of Adolf Hitler (pbuh), formerly known as the Nazi Party.

Having decided to transform ourselves into a religion, we have abandoned all political ambitions, and intend to concentrate on our objectives of spiritual tranquillity, non-violent world conquest and peaceful extermination of the Jews.

Since we are now a religion rather than a political movement, we demand the following rights and privileges:

– An end to Naziphobia in the media, especially war films showing the Nazis in a bad light.

– Tax exemption for all places of worship including airfields, munitions factories, extermination camps etc.

– Destruction of all blasphemous cartoons of Adolf Hitler(pbuh) produced in the Second World War.

– An apology from the British government for the Naziphobic campaign waged by Winston Churchill, and the hurt feelings inflicted on the Afrika Korps at El Alamein by the Naziphobic bigot Montgomery.

– An apology from the American government for the insensitivity by the raging Naziphobe Eisenhower for failing to forewarn Nazi community leaders of the D-Day attack, which caused much distress among the peaceloving Nazis occupying Northern France.

– Burning ‘Mein Kampf’ must become a hate crime.

– Application of our parallel legal system known as ‘The Gestapo’ within western countries.

– Affimative action to promote Nazis to high positions in the security services to maintain community cohesion.

– The occasional Blitzkrieg invasions of sovereign states should not be portrayed in the media as being typical of Nazis as a whole, rather they are the work of a tiny minority of extremists who have hijacked a peaceful spiritual movement.

Peace in our time and Heil Hitler!
– Pastor Joseph Goebbels

Posted by Bamiyan at the EDL Web site

H/T Tundra Tabloids

And just in case any readers are unable to realize this is making a point about Islam, and that this site is not actually a Nazi one or in any way Nazi supporting, I suggest those of you that cannot recognize it immediatly liquidate all your assets and go open a North Korean Restaurant somewhere downtown. I’m sure that all your communist buddies would be happy to eat there rooting through garbage cans in the fashion of authentic North Korean haute cuisine.

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5 Replies to “The Sacred Church of 88”

  1. Tundra Tabloids points out the the ‘Golden Period’ of French history was what the uneducated call, ‘Vichy occupied France’ when in fact it was the period of French history where all the knowledge of earlier French people were properly preserved. This can be proven so long as you don’t actually read anything written by anyone who was living there at the time, much like the ‘Golden era of Spain’ under Islamic rule.

  2. “rather they are the work of a tiny minority of extremists who have hijacked a peaceful spiritual movement.”

    Addendum: “…but who nonetheless are motivated by legitimate grievances that must be addressed.”

  3. Not as far off as you think. Many Nazis were neo-pagans, and this was promoted within the SS. In fact the only thing wrong here is that the Pastor should be Heinrich Himmler, not Goebbels.

    In a related note, there is the World Church of the Creator. Bunch of Nazis who believe in an Aryan Jesus. Where they not armed dangerous loons, their theology would be laughable.

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