Anjem Chaudery once again, honestly lays out the facts.

This man is so blunt and factual (about most aspects of Islamic politics at least if not Islam) that I am tempted to send him money. Notice that what he say in terms of Muslim ambitions and the nature of Islam overall.

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  1. I have said for many years that I like Anjem Choudary, Bakri and Qatada, as they are Muslims who actually do not practice Taqqiya, and tell the truth.

    I sometimes wonder if “moderate” Muslims do not have a suspicion that Anjem Chaudary is working for the “other” side.

    What a war. This must be the first post-modern war, where our enemies can be regarded as friends, and our own ruling class elite as enemies.

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  3. If I were a Muslim, Anjem Choudary might make me nervous. Every word coming out of his mouth is an unambiguous invitation to the Infidels to fight to the death, and every one of those invitations is sent out in the name of all Muslims. Yes, if I were a Muslim I would be very concerned about Mr. Choudary. Why aren’t they? Why aren’t there a thousand Muslims gathered around him everywhere he goes shouting him down and booing and hissing? Has it really not occurred to them that he’s trying to get them all killed?

  4. Got to hand to andy (his nickname back from the university day) he is a great guy for telling it like it is. Long may he continue ranting and raving. He is a great educator. No one can accuse him of islamphobia. He is a homophobe, a infidelphobe, equalityphobe, womanphobe; but that is ok, you will not get dragged to court for any of that as long as you are a muslim.

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