Some Catholics nearly get it…

…but they miss the mark on Mary. Mary is the only female named in the Koran by name and that is because Mohamed ventrilouises her as saying that her son Jesus (Isa) is not the son of God (Allah). Other than that, they seem to have a clue.

From Catholic Culture:

Lebanese prelates caution Synod on problems of dialogue with Islam October 22, 2010

Two Lebanese Catholic prelates questioned the feasibility of dialogue with Islam during discussions on October 21 at the Synod of Bishops.

Commenting on propositions advocating inter-religious dialogue, Syrian Catholic Bishop Flavien Joseph Melki of Dara, Lebanon questioned whether the suggestions were realistic:

Is it even thinkable that the Arabic countries of the Middle East, where fundamentalism is becoming more entrenched, will accept in the near future abandoning their theocratic regimes founded on the Koran and the Sharia, which constitute flagrant discrimination towards non-Muslims? To me this seems to be in the domain of utopia, for the centuries to come.

Archbishop Raboula Antoine Beylouni, also a Syrian-Catholic prelate from Lebanon, raised similar questions. Because the Muslim believes that the Qu’ran offers the absolute and complete truth, the archbishop said, “he comes to dialogue with a sense of superiority.” More ominously, he continued, the Qu’ran “commands the imposition of religion through force—with the sword.” As a result, the archbishop said, Muslims are unlikely to recognize religious freedom.

Archbishop Beylouni offered a practical suggestion for efforts at dialogue with Islam. Because the Qu’ran treats the Virgin Mary with great reverence, he said, “we should turn to her for all dialogue and all encounters with the Muslims.” He concluded his remarks with a reference to one very significant inter-faith agreement in his own country: “If it pleased God that the Feast of the Annunciation was declared a national feast day in Lebanon for Christians and Muslims, may it also become a national feast day in other Arab countries.”

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9 Replies to “Some Catholics nearly get it…”

  1. The top brass Catholics; ie, the Vatican crime syndicate, does not get it.

    Despite the attacks on Christians living in Arab countries, including attacks with acid, the burning of churches in muslim countries ( where the muslim leaders allow them) and of course depsite the fact that Christians were only able to visit East Jerusalem after Jews conquered it in 1967, the Vatican has deemed that the Palestinians ( descendants of nomadic arab muslims looking for work), must have their own scountry.

    Nothing about Christians suffering ( acid attacks, decapitation,,,,) ZERO.

    Lets blame the Jews., and lets go molest some boys. When will the catholic brass stop blaming Jews? Romans invaded Israel, stole its gold, dispersed Jews to all parts of the world, the chruch stole gold and silver and artefacts from all over the world, and helped nazis escape to South America and many of the Jews which survived Catholic rage, realized that Jews must have re-claim their land.

    Pope Bendict Arnold is really showing us his German roots. Maybe that is not the right thing to say but let us pray for christians living in muslim lands. May they one day be rescued by leaders with balls. Not the present day occupiers of Vatican City. If I was PM ofIsrael, I would move to appropriate all Catholic property in Israel or at least deem that property owned by the church is now taxable; ie, property takes, employee witholding taxes and income taxes and of course my favourite: capital taxes. Hit the church where they feel it. And if they cant pay, ciao!

  2. Do not make the mistake of internalizing Muslim views of Christianity and the West.
    Issa was a prophet.
    Jesus was God.
    Christians are not people of the book, they are people of the Word.
    And the Word is Jesus Christ.
    The book is not God. The Word is.

  3. I will respect the Holy Father more when he tells the truth:
    If you are a Christian, and if you are honest with yourself, then you must assert and believe that
    1. Islam is a profane religion.
    2. Mohammed is a false prophet.
    To believe anything else to to slight your faith and submit.
    And if you submit, you are a Muslim.

  4. We have to make a few allowances for the Vatican, they are hampered by the fact they no longer have any militant orders to protect them and fight their enemies. At some point in this century we may see the militant orders revived, maybe this time they can recover the Holy Land and the stolen Christian lands.

  5. In the Qur’an, Miriam is confused with Mary, so that Moses is Jesus’ uncle (sura 19:27); Alexander the Great lived in Abraham’s time, and Saul is confused with Gideon. Muslims must either concede that the various Qur’ans were written by man, or that their god is all not all-knowing, and certainly not the same G-d of the Torah. Scrutiny of these historical errors remove the capstone that keeps Islam from collapsing into a pile of rubble, since people can see Islam for what it was: A lazy attempt by uneducated Bedouins to masquerade as Israelites, as they prepared to lay siege to the Jewish villages of Hijaz and Al-Shams.

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