Danish politicians make public statement about Islamic groupswithin Europe

It has been quite an interesting week or so. The prosecution in the Geert Wilders case has asked to have all the charges against him thrown out and to find him not guilty of all the charges.

Angela Merkel has made a clear unambiguous statement that multiculturalism has failed and that Islam is a threat to German culture and future.

Now this:

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3 Replies to “Danish politicians make public statement about Islamic groupswithin Europe”

  1. Europe is waking up to the danger of Islam, I wondered how long it would take, next will come the calls to expel the Moslems who refuse to live under the laws of the host countries.

  2. For some time I have believed that the Muslims’ “grace period”, during which they could do no wrong, would last exactly until such time as the left wingers started to get mad. Who have we here, then? The Socialist People’s Party, no less? I love it – they sound like absolute Marxists, and they seem downright miffed. I don’t see how North American and Australian Lefties can stay the course with the Big Dog Pinkoes of Europe pulling the great sled of Islamophobia through the Tundra of the Mainstream Media. I’m giddy! Huzza! We may not become victims of genocide after all.

  3. Chris they can’t, they are now trying to explain away this attack on what they consider to be a protected group, the more Europe moves away from socialism and multiculturalism the more conflicted the US left becomes. They need to hurry up and smell the roses before history makes them redundant.

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