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2 Replies to “More video on the Islamification of the UK.”

  1. At the moment, the UK is the weak link n the chain to protect the West.

    AIPAC – the Israeli public affairs lobby group, lobbies “bottom – up”. The Saudies lobby ” top-bottom” and pay much much better.

    UK has been compromised ” top-bottom”. The leaders of the UK, including exPM Blair are still on an Islamic payroll as are probably many UK politicos, especially George Galloway and the Scottish ministers who approved of the transfer of the Libyan terrorist with cancer, who is doing fine now.

    You should get a documentary on Sir Gerald Kaufman, the judenrat British labour party minister. Here is a link:

    http://www.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gerald_Kaufman Notice his Tshirt ” A Cry for justice in PALESTINE”

    Even well placed Jews are probably not a stranger to Islamic largesse as are the Shapiros, academics who began the boycott of Israel as playwright Harold Pinter.

    But the best journalist exposing her country is jewish: Melanie Phillips. She has been on the Laura Ingraham show and has been quoted by Daniel Pipes.

    Churchill must be weeping in his grave. The Chamberlains have taken over.

    Love your site

  2. Infidel Guy, you are correct. Just as in the USA and Canada the Saudi influence is very heavy. This is the direct result of the thousands of lobbyists and influence peddlers wining, dining, and pocket lining elected and appointed government officials. Only a fool or a dupe would even dare to think otherwise.

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