SD Wins seats in Swedish Parliament. Hangs majority !

Do ya think Europe is getting sick and tired of Islam despite generations of communist, politically correct indoctrination? Could be. check this out from the National Post. Sweden’s SD is similar to Geert Wilders Freedom party in the Netherlands.

Swedish election produces hung parliament

Sweden's Prime Minister and leader of the Moderaterna party, Fredrik Reinfeldt holds up his voting card next to his wife Filippa as they vote in the Stockholm suburg of Taeby.


Sweden’s Prime Minister and leader of the Moderaterna party, Fredrik Reinfeldt holds up his voting card next to his wife Filippa as they vote in the Stockholm suburg of Taeby.

Patrick Lannin and Niklas Pollard, Reuters · Sunday, Sept. 19, 2010

STOCKHOLM – Sweden’s election on Sunday looks to have produced a hung parliament, with the centre-right government winning but falling short of a majority due to an anti-immigrant party winning its first seats, TV polls showed.

A hung parliament would unsettle investors, and analysts have predicted a sharp fall in the crown currency against the euro and rising bond yields should the far right deprive the government of its outright majority.

One poll, by Swedish state broadcaster SVT, showed Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt’s four-party “Alliance” coalition winning 49.1% of the vote compared with 45.1% for the centre-left opposition bloc.

But the far-right Sweden Democrats took 4.6% of the vote, according to the poll of voters leaving polling stations. That meant they were set to clear the 4% hurdle to hold seats in parliament and deprive the centre-right of a majority in the Riksdag.

Knut Hallberg, an economist at Swedbank, said it was too early to draw conclusions. But he added: “There will be uncertainty about the forming of [a] government and there will be drawn-out negotiations when the Alliance tries to secure a majority, presumably with the Green party.”

The Sweden Democrats denies they are racist but both main blocs have ruled out cooperating with them.

Another poll conducted for television station TV4 on election day also showed Reinfeldt’s Alliance losing its parliamentary majority.

Mr. Reinfeldt has been aiming to be the first sitting centre-right leader to win re-election in Sweden, benefiting from one of Europe’s best economic recoveries and sound public finances plus tax cuts carried out over the last four years.

The centre-left opposition focused its campaign on people who have suffered due to cost-cutting welfare reforms under the Alliance of Reinfeldt’s Moderate Party, the Liberals, Centre and Christian Democrats.

The rise in the traditionally tolerant Nordic country of the Sweden Democrats has followed a move away from their skinhead roots.

The party, which wants to curtail immigration and criticizes Muslims and Islam as un-Swedish, already has many seats in local councils. A breakthrough at national level would match a similar rise elsewhere in Europe for anti-immigrant parties.

Sweden has been among the most welcoming of European Union countries to immigrants seeking asylum or refugee status.

It took in people after the Balkan wars of the 1990s and was a favourite destination for Iraqis after the U.S. invasion.

A United Nations report on immigration in 2009 showed immigrants accounted for 14% of Sweden’s population, just above the 12.4% average for northern Europe.

Apart from the debate over the Sweden Democrats, voters were choosing between Mr. Reinfeldt’s model of a leaner welfare state with more income tax cuts and privatisations, and an opposition platform that wants the rich to pay more to fund schools, hospitals and care for the elderly.

The Social Democrats were the architects of Sweden’s welfare model and ruled for much of the last century.

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9 Replies to “SD Wins seats in Swedish Parliament. Hangs majority !”

  1. Go SD Party!

    Why is it that the media will call anti-Islamic parties “far right” when in fact they are defending the west and the free world from Islamic dominance?

    Had they been anti-Communist or anti-Nazi, the media would call the party “freedom’s bastion” or some other,equally uplifting terms. Calling them “far right” brings up the spectre of the Nazis, who would have liked nothing more than for the free world to fall under their jackboots.

    Anyone who opposes the Islamicization of the world is, in the opinion of many millions of people, someone who deserves praise, not scorn.

    Lets hope that this election is a growing trend away from allowing the mass immigration of Muslims, and others who would undermine our civilization, to the free world.

  2. Really interesting: Most anti-islamic parties are not natural libertarians, they usually mimick the socialist agenda of the rest of European politics. This makes it clear that the ”right” revolution is a natural European cultural movement and not a political one, they copy the culture of Europe and add the anti-islamic rhetoric, that isn’t even smart; it’s organically sound.

  3. @Danne Swede,
    Many Europeans will join you and have a pint.

    Proost from the Netherlands

    As you say, Sweden needs a party like the Swedish Democrates to stop finally Islam aided by the politic-correct horror of Mona Sahlin and friends.

  4. I’m a Canadian with roots in Scotland and Scandinavia, the thought of my cousins in those lands destroying themselves for nothing fills me with sorrow, horror and dread. The joy that comes from signs that they are fighting back is deep and penetrating.

  5. After all the doom and gloom and scorn poured on the timid elite of swedish politics: this! Well it shows the true free spirit of the Swedes. No more lectures from us; they are on the way to freedom.

  6. The general populace in Sweden have just had it, after being sold out and lied to by the do-gooders in the political class, they are beginning to wake up and say “that’s it”. When you see your country being destroyed right in front of your eyes, and all you get from elected government officials is the same BS and phony lip service it’s time to fire them at the polls, and elect representatives who truly represent the citizenry.

  7. Finally something will change in the sickening political correct country of Sweden! And the SD even got much more votes than the exit polls showed: 5,7% which will give them 20 seats in parliament.
    The center-right alliance will now try to seek support from the environmentalist party; good luck with that! The Sweden Democrats will only grow!

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