A Christian Worshipper Stabbed and A Minister Beaten in Indonesia

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Picture of the victim. Courtesy: The Jakarta Post

In Indonesia, a Christian worshipper was stabbed in the stomach and a minister was beaten with a wooden plank on the head.

Asia Sihombing, a worshipper was entering the church when the assailants jumped off a motorcycle and stabbed him on the stomach.

The Rev. Luspida Simahuntak came out from the church with an intention to help the victim but her head was smashed with a wooden plank.

Indonesia is a predominantly Muslim country with a population of about 237 million. The country has the highest number of Muslims than any other country in the world.

Indonesia is considered a secular country and claims to have religious tolerance.

A group called Islamic Defenders Front is trying to implement Islamic Law and they are known for persecuting non-Muslims.

This group often harasses the church members. They throw shoes and water bottles towards the church members, and interrupt sermon by chanting, “Infidels!” and “Leave Now!” The even dump feces in the church area.

The Islamic group denied any involvement in the attack but the police said they already have identified the attacker and planning to arrest the perpetrator.

Interestingly, the attacker was not arrested immediately and the police declared they would capture the perpetrator today, which may give the attacker enough time to escape.

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