Germans begin to notice the adversarial stance of the Turkish Government

This is an interesting news clip. It is a direct accusation of interference with the national interests of Germany as a state by Turkey and more, an attempt to undermine it.

Islam in Europe wrote an excellent piece about Turkish hypocrisy in this regard here.

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3 Replies to “Germans begin to notice the adversarial stance of the Turkish Government”

  1. IMHO the Turkish fifth column has now grown so large that is has become a colony, yes a colony separate and distinct from German culture and social order. A colony so large they almost do as they please, especially in the area of unemployed young people who commit a large portion of street crime, destroy neighbor hoods, and harass the police who get no support from the PC spineless political leaders.. Lack of assimilation has destroyed the German nation.

  2. It is high time for the Germans to be rid of the guilt feelings they had after WW II and face the problems with the immigrants/fortune seekers realistically. That has nothing to do with racism, which is they fear, but it is survival. If the west just lets it go on it will be an islamic West and a barren land. Where islam goes, destruction and poverty of mind follow.

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