Afghanistan: Thousands Protest Now-Suspended Plan To Burn Koran


September 11, 2010
More than 10,000 demonstrators on Sept. 11 denounced now-suspended plans by an American pastor to burn copies of the Koran, the Los Angeles Times reported. The protest, which took place in Logar province, south of the Afghan capital, Kabul, was initially peaceful but erupted into violence when some protesters set shops ablaze and tried to storm the governor’s compound. At least three people were injured in clashes between protesters and security forces.

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2 Replies to “Afghanistan: Thousands Protest Now-Suspended Plan To Burn Koran”

  1. There is no mass koran burning people. It is easy to get these muslim people to protest. I think this should be a kuffar modus operandi. By this I mean we incite them to protest and then they go ahead and get a few muslims injured and killed. I believe already someone has alread died and 14 have been injured. Call me a cold heated manipulating bastard but these people do not have to protest. There has been no mass koran burning. Sure there is plenty of individual koran burnings going on especially on youtube (Amazing Atheist did one recently) but these are not mass koran burnings. Mass koran burning are the future. Pastor Terry Jones has really started something. In a war we need to be willing to think originally like the good pastor. Original thinking will get you in trouble however. I propose this: Koran Burning Centres should be opened in every state of America. Full of Korans no muslims would dare to burn the place down.

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