Iranian Ex Pat speaks on Islam in Iran and Europe

This man, an actor by profession, speaks on his experience watching the Islamic revolution take place and how Islam is impacting Europe as well as his native Iran

His story reflects perfectly what I have heard from many of my Persian friends. That they were tricked unto assisting Islamics into overthrowing the shaw with promises of more freedom and justice not thinking for a moment these terms were being used in the Koranic sense as opposed to any real one. Below, are parts one and two of the lecture, and the third part, is largely the question and answer segment which is partly in Swedish and so needs translation and subtitling before its posted. The two segments here are well worth the watch, and offer hope that the good people of Persia may be able to rise up again and overthrow the tyranny they live under, and perhaps even, although this may be too much to ask for, change the name of their nation now based on a Hitlerian idea of racial purity (Aryan) back to Persia with it’s proud history of science and secular advancement.

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