CNN Vid on the Church planning to burn Koran

What a shame neither of these men are very articulate on these issues. However the CNN fellow is hypocritical as well as ignorant. He is provocative and insulting to the pastor, because he feels the pastor is provocative and insulting. This is the kind of blatant hypocrisy we have all gotten used to from the left. The CNN fellow is exactly guilty of what he is accuses this poor shmoe pastor of doing, and the pastor, while he has some of his facts right, did not argue his own case very well at all.

He should have said, “If the Nazis had taken over 50 countries and were imposing strict Nazi laws and oppression on the people in those lands, then burning Mine Kampf would be a very rational symbolic resistance to that oppression” and he would be right, no matter how many Nazis it would have ‘offended’.

I should add that the delay on the remote interview tends to make the guest always look a little dim witted as there is a second to two added to each response. So the pastor may be sharper than it appears.

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  1. I’m surprised Jones didn’t respond to Sanchez’s query about how he would like it if Muslim’s burned the bible with . . .they do Rick, you can’t bring a bible into Saudi Arabia. According to sharia (which is what Jones is against), you are not permitted to repair Christian or Jewish houses of worship, and these structures are routinely torn down in Muslim countries, including that moderate bastion of Islam, Indonesia. Sanchez looks like a fool for not researching, if not recognizing these facts in a post 9/11 world. But then, journalism, now exposed as ‘journolism’ isn’t what it once was.

  2. Yappp they do burn our BIBLE in their country, they step on it too and yes there is one church with gards in ARABIA ONE DAMMIT and they say we are not tolarating ??? WEll FFFFFFFFFFFFF…… that shit !!! They should go to helll !

  3. In the twisted world of Islamists and their enablers, burning a Quran is offensive. How about the burning of Christians in Sudan, Nigeria and Indonesia? Crickets chirping.

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