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2 Replies to “Vlad Tepes answers Burrak Obama on the Victory Mosque”

  1. Obamas support of the GZ mosque has driven the final nails into the Democraps coffin. The November elections will be the first real chance for the American people to respond to him and his policies. The Democraps will be very lucky to retain 40 seats in both Houses.

  2. At the time of 9/11, I wrote that 9/11, far from being a disaster for Islam, would turn out to be a publicity coup for it. So it turned out.
    We are now in a similar situation. If the GZM proponents win their case, and build the mosque, it would be seen in the wider Islamic world, that allah had yet again granted a tremendous victory to Muslims. If OTH, the said mosque has to shift its location, or is cancelled altogether, then CAIR and all the other Islamic groups will be crying “foul”, and seeking sympathy – Islam is being victimized.
    Either way, this crisis is going to be milked for all it’s got.
    The real aim of the controversy though, like 9/11 itself, is to keep Islam right up there on the national and international agenda, i.e., making Islam pre-eminent, and the focus for all attention. Obama, willingly or unwittingly, has made this objective a reality, turning a NY city issue to an international one.
    The more this controversy rages and polarises the America people, the greater a publicity disaster for the West this, and great propaganda boost for Islam.
    It would appear that we are going to lose this battle either way. Not necessarily so. What some of the opponents have to do, is to seize this opportunity to tell the truth about Islam. That is, use the propaganda opportunity that has been created by Islamists to defeat their real purpose, of publicising for Islam – not just stop it but turn it against Islam. If some of the opponents can do this, the GZM proponents will themselves halt the controversy.
    The GMZ controversy is not about the GMZ mosque, or even the triumphalist proclamation of Islam on the site of its first North American victory, but an opportunity for keeping Islam preeminent in the public eye. That is always the objective for all Muslims. Obama may backtrack now, but that is not the point. He has succeeded in raising the profile of Islam to the international plane, which was never there in the first place. He can now withdraw his comments, as the his main purpose has been accomplished.
    The best way forward is to seize the opportunity that the GMZ proponents have created to raise Islam, and use it to expose the reality of Islam. As they say, “never let a crisis go to waste”.

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