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One Reply to “Unions refuse to build Mosque at GZ”

  1. Andrew Sullivan is a great person, if he is sincere. I am getting used to so many celebrities or pundits doing flip flops.

    This clown host from FOX is just that. This is not the FOX on the evening of 9/11. I remember watching FOX that night and the term ” carpet bombing” was used several times that night. FOX is slo-mo morphing into CNN International. CNN International is not CNN. It is available in South America and Europe and elsewhere. It is an anti Israel pro Muslim anti Republican station pro diversity and inclusion and very pro House of Sod.

    I would not be surprised if a Jewish contractor will sign a contract to construct it. Watch the American Jews. I am Jewish and they are doing things that are not in thebest interest of the USA. 78% of them voted for Obama.

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