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10 Replies to “Islamic political party in Belgium”

  1. Some sentences from Cristopher Caldwell’s Reflection on the Revolution in Europe, page 97 (reference brackets added) :

    “In Belgium, the relatively well-established Moroccan-Belgian community has a birthrate two and a half times higher than the native Belgian one [1]. In Brussels, where a quarter of the residents are foreign citizens and more than half the children (57 percent) born in 2006 were born to Muslims, the seven most common given boy’s name were Mohamed, adam, Rayan, Ayoub, Mehdi, Amine, and Hamza [2].”

    [1] Nicholas Eberstadt, “A Union of a Certain Age”, Milken Institute Review, Second Quarter 2005, p.47.
    [2] Hanspeter Born, “Belgien Adieu?” Die Weltwoche (Zürich), November 7, 2007.

    Belgium now has about 6.5 percent Muslims — far from all radicals I hope.

  2. What strikes me is how honest those Muslim politicians are about their goals. They make no secret of their racial hatred when they refer to Belgians as kufar. “Kufar”, for those who don’t know, is a very nasty epithet reserved for infidels – very nasty! And they are using it openly. The socialists have been pushing their anti-nationalist agenda so successfully that no one has the instinct to protect their homeland anymore; they are called Adolph Hitler the minute they voice any concern for their own countries. Oh, well. Maybe if Belgium falls it will serve as a wake-up call for the rest of us…

  3. WELL I’LL BE ! The bums in dirty night shirts have gone total public with their goal to turn the Eu countries into religious concentration camps under Sharia Law. This is a harbinger of the political climate in the EU. This is a direct result of mass immigration policies touted by Leftist, Liberal, politicians who have sold out their countries and it’s citizens. BTW, PCP is an acronym for the street drug ‘angel dust’ in the US. How quaint to have an Islamist political party named for an illegal drug.

  4. I am a practicing Catholoc. I do love your website, even though most of your reader’s will laugh. I must say my late husband would have taken care of anyone who would have disrespected me. Where are the real men in the Western World? Do Western men now not have respect for their women? My answere is yes.

    Why do White women get entangled with these animals, because they are pigs who at least pretend to have respect for women.

    Most of your reader’s will think I am a Christian zealot. I am not. My husband and I toiled hard to be just comfortable, but I always knew as a free and Western woman I had a MAN to be my defender.

    Wake up Western Man and have cojones.

    Imagine an old bird like me with no man in the house and any MOOOSLEM can attack me and not one White Man would defend me.

    God Save us from Cowards.

  5. I want to point out that this vid is a couple of years old. It dates back to 2006 or 2007, I believe. The party discussed didn’t rake in a great many votes. With a well established and in every society layer well established governing political party like the Parti Socialiste (PS), who caters to their every need and caves in backwards to their every whim, there’s no need for muslims to vote for a party like this.

  6. @confused

    There are no men anymore – they’ve been outlawed by the feminists. Have you noticed how many young men these days sound slightly gay and use terms like, “to die for”? They’ve been taught that it is always wrong to take the law into your own hands, to stand up like a man, and if you ever do you will end up with “face down on the ground!”, and then find yourself in court. Nowadays, if somebody decides to beat you to death on the bus or the subway, nobody will lift a finger to help you; they’ll all just sit there pretending nothing is happening, and then get off at the next stop to catch another train. John Wayne-like behavior has been deemed “macho” and has been eliminated from the group-think.

  7. @Chris Jones

    Two points:

    1. If there are real boy’s that are growing up to be a real man they will give them Ritalin to calm them down to be more feminine. Not joking it is scary what is taking place.

    2. protecting someone on a subway. It is a double edge sword. If you protect a woman from a man that is beating her she could start hitting you and tell you to stay out of it. Which in that case I have learned the hard way to ask loud clearly and distinctly “are you ok?” before you do anything.

    Our court systems is so bad you can be sued for honestly helping. Say you see someone badly hurt and blood is gushing out of them for example. If you run up and start holding the wound to stop the blood and the person still dies you can be sued for working on someone without permission or a license to do so. i have even heard of a doctor that lost his license over a situation similar to this. Even if you save the person and they get in infection you can be blamed.

  8. @OxAO

    Good points…excellent points! I hadn’t even thought about the Ritalin thing. So they would have nipped old John Wayne in the bud by the time he was twelve, eh. I actually do remember a time when men actually would stand up and shout, “Hey! That’s enough!” – in a big man voice – while another guy would automatically be standing right beside him. They certainly yelled at me a few times. Like not giving your seat up to an elderly person. “Hey! What’s the matter with you?” Swearing too much would get you the same thing. “Hey! Language!” You just couldn’t go past a certain point

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