Turkish bridegroom accidentally kills three relatives after firing AK-47 at his wedding

From The Daily Mail UK

A Turkish bridegroom accidentally killed three of his relatives after firing an AK-47 as he celebrated his wedding.

The groom was attempting to shoot bullets into the air at the ceremony in Akcagoze, in south-eastern Gaziantep province.

But instead he managed to hit a number of guests. His own father and two of his aunts were hit and later died in hospital.

Turkey shootingInjured: The bridegroom killed three of his relatives and injured a number of others, including children, after he opened fire at his wedding

Turkish Aftermath: Turkish police collect evidence at the scene of the shooting

At least eight other people including children were injured. The groom has been arrested.

Firing guns into the air is a common occurrence during celebrations both in Turkey and across the Middle East.

The Turkish authorities have tried to clamp down on the practice by imposing harsher penalties.

The custom has led to a number of deaths and injuries in the past.


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4 Replies to “Turkish bridegroom accidentally kills three relatives after firing AK-47 at his wedding”

  1. Cultural differences unfortunately have grave consequences at times, isn’t it about time some cultures came into the 21st century.

  2. Mexicans, and other hispanics, in the U.S. do the same thing.
    Question: Where do all those bullets go? They have to come down and I’m surprised there aren’t more deaths.

  3. There’s another video that’s been out there for a while showing some Imam-looking guy doing the same thing. In this video the weapon actually started coming apart while he was firing it and shot a half-dozen rounds in every direction. They think it’s ever so manly to fire an AK47 with one hand, but they don’t realize that you’ve got to be really experienced to do something that stupid without killing half the guests.

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