Woman arrested for spitting at Muslims UK

In a previous post I used this analogy as a ‘joke of logical extreme’ to contrast the attitude towards an attempted arson of a synagogue in Malmo. Not 20 minutes later did I find this story over at Winds of Jihad by way of TT

UK: Arrested for Spitting

by sheikyermami on July 25, 2010

There are many Muslims who regularely spit on  returning British soldiers and insult them in the vilest ways, but were they ever arrested, imprisoned or deported?

There are also Muslims like this one who nearly bashed a Briton dead with a baseball bat, but has he been arrested?

But when a drunk makes a fool of herself and curses Muslims, the law comes down on her like a ton of bricks. (English Law, that is)

Was she  arrested  for not being Muslim? You be the judge:

Woman jailed for abusing and spitting at Muslims as they left mosque

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  1. While I do not condone abusing people, this is an example of how sharia law works. It elevates Muslims to the status of victims and all others as criminals.

    Britainistan is so close, that imams and clerics living there are wringing their blood-stained hands in glee, waiting for the day when they can have their own, publically-funded Jew burnings and kristallnachts.

    This woman should be joined by the millions of people still loyal to the principles of the UK who see Islam and its followers as dangerous to human liberty wherever they settle.

    How can the UK arrest millions without looking like dhimmified fools?

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