Rioters exchanged gunfire with police in the French city of Grenoble

Thanks to Bear for the rapid translation, we see more devastation wrought by the religion of peace in Grenoble France. The story is typical. Police shoot a fleeing armed and dangerous suspect, and the whole clan comes out and riots in protest.

More here at the BBC website

More specifically, from Gates of Vienna:

The “youths” of France are at it again, this time in Grenoble.

The other day some racist police officers had the temerity not only to catch a gang of young Muslim criminals, but actually to shoot one of them to death.

All right, so the late high-spirited lad had shot and wounded a policeman. But still — he didn’t deserve to die for it, did he? That’s a disproportionate response! The appropriate level of retaliation would be to wound him to the exact extent that he wounded the cop. That would be fair.

Anyway, in reaction the young rascals went on a bit of a spree. According to AFP:

The southeastern French town of Grenoble was hit by riots on early Saturday with shots fired and cars set alight after a man accused of robbing a casino was killed by police. Police spokeswoman Brigitte Jullien said, shots had been fired at police who returned fire four times. A youth was arrested at the scene of the riots, the working class district of La Villeneuve.

Thirty cars and several businesses were torched, while angry youths armed with baseball bats and iron bars attacked a tram and forced the passengers to get out.

The incidents started after a Muslim service for 27-year-old Karim Boudouda, who died 24 hours earlier in a shootout with police after the Uriage-les-Bains casino near Grenoble was held up.

Here’s more detailed information from the Beeb:

Grenoble Rioters Fire Shots at Police and Burn Cars

Dozens of cars were set alight in Grenoble during the trouble Rioters in the south-eastern French city of Grenoble have fired shots and burned cars after police shot dead a man accused of robbing a local casino.

The violence flared early on Saturday morning after a memorial service for the man, who was killed 24 hours earlier in a shootout with police.

He was one of two men believed to have held up a casino, escaping with more than 20,000 euros (£17,000; $26,000).

The rioters also attacked a tram with baseball bats and iron bars.

– – – – – – – –


Police said they pursued two men suspected of holding up the casino at Uriage-les-Bains early on Friday morning.

The two men fired shots at them, police said, wounding an officer. Police returned fire, killing one of the men, Karim Boudouda.

Mr Boudouda, 27, had three previous convictions for armed robbery.

The other suspect escaped and is still on the run.

And from The Telegraph:

France: Riots in Grenoble After Police Shooting

Rioters in France have torched cars and opened fire on police offers during an overnight confrontation in the southeastern French city of Grenoble.

The incident begun in the early hours of Saturday morning when rampaging youths stoned a tramway and attacked it with baseball bats and iron bars.

The gangs then set cars on fire and opened fire against officers. The officers returned fire.

Regional security official Brigitte Julien says no one was injured in the incident but one youth, in his twenties, was detained.

The riots came after the death of a Grenoble resident during a robbery in a nearby town.

Karim Boudouda, 27, was one of two men believed to have held up a casino, escaping with more than 20,000 euros (£17,000).

He was killed in a shoot-out with police following the robbery. Violence flared after his memorial service.

Mr Boudouda, 27, had three previous convictions for armed robbery. The other suspect escaped and is still on the run.

And here we are told to pay attention to the “underlying causes” of culturally enriched violence in the banlieues:

Police and government officials have a lingering fear that the poor suburbs could explode again because the underlying causes — high unemployment, few opportunities, drug trafficking and a sense of exclusion from society — have changed little. [emphasis added]

The “underlying causes” are always the same: unemployment, poverty, exclusion, etc. Needless to say, these remain unexamined premises — no one has to demonstrate their accuracy. Yes, it’s true that most of the “youths” have one or more of the cited characteristics, but correlation is not causation. In fact, the opposite could be true: it’s quite possible that the criminal behavior of these rambunctious chaps is what causes them to be poor, unemployed, and excluded.

Or, even more likely, an extraneous factor causes all of the given conditions — violent crime, unemployment, poverty, exclusion, etc.

And what would that extraneous factor likely be? What do all of these boisterous youngsters have in common? What characteristic do they have that poor unemployed Frenchmen, Poles, Danes, Serbs, Italians, etc., don’t share?

As Mark Steyn often says: it starts with an “I” and ends with “slam”.

The unacknowledged fact about these Muslim kids is that their routine behavior — beating, killing, raping, and stealing from the kuffar — is not considered criminal behavior under Islamic law. As a matter of fact, slaughtering the infidel and seizing his goods as booty is considered a duty under sharia.

These violent crime-ridden Muslim ghettoes are often referred to as “no-go zones”, but that’s a misnomer. They should be called “sharia enclaves”.

The Muslim ghettoes are sharia mini-states. They are ruled by their own pocket emirs, who issue fatwas, dispense justice, and make sure that the inhabitants obey Islamic law.

They don’t need no stinkin’ liberté, égalité, et fraternité.

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9 Replies to “Rioters exchanged gunfire with police in the French city of Grenoble”

  1. Soory Mr the author but are you French ? Are you living there in these neighboroods ? I guess not. Easy to build a Anti-Islam thesis from such news. Soooo easy.. 🙂
    I’m French. I was born near Grenoble and used to live 15 years in a vilent, poor Lyon suburb. There’s lot of problems with “youth” and immigrants-descents there. But raher than this simple, out-of-sense relationship with their supoosed religion, try to think reasonably… Trust me, none of these guys, rioters, are muslims sensu stricto. They don’t give a fu.. into this. However, they are small level criminals, drug trafficant, violent, brainless (i.e. out of limits, with nothing to loose), and they don’t respect France and French at all. There is nothing about religion here. It deals with different culture, way of living (northern africa) which had been stacked in ghettos since the 70’s, while drugs and weapons big boss took these places and use them as young, brainless soldiers. These places are small countries inside the country. But many, many of these violent guys come from christian-related africa as well, or other origins with different “native” religions. I agree that the situation is out of control and I don’t wanna live in France anymore. These guys are now lost for society and there’s nothing to do with them anymore. But NOT all the muslims are like that in France, at all. The problem’s origin comes from cultural clash + confining + big criminality.

  2. “But NOT all the muslims are like that in France”
    and not all Germans were NAZI’s, probably why you let loads of them in as well.
    I’ll note that the Muslims how are not like that, will be slow to condemn the riots whilst playing the victim card for all it’s worth. The Left will bring out the bankrupt language of disenfranchisement again, and nothing much will happen until the next riot, or the Muslims get control.
    Although you do have a point, it’s the inevitable result of allowing loads of Third World dross into your country, Muslims just exacerbate the situation, a lot.
    One of the reasons the Third World is the mess it is, is because it’s got lots of Third World people in it.

  3. Seconded blindguard. Not all brought up under Nazism or Stalinism were bad, but the ideologies that they were raised under were certainly rotten to the core, just like Islam.

  4. Sorry guys you look conviced in your interpretations of the world’s history and behavior.
    As I quote “One of the reasons the Third World is the mess it is, is because it’s got lots of Third World people in it”, I understand that I have nothing to do on these pages.
    I regret that you don’t understand that the third world is “like that” because of what it was 200 yrs ago and what we did with it. Is the things were as simple as you think, we won’t need any researchers at all down here ! But wait… FUCK ! You’re right ! Everything is sooooooo clear !!! Sorry I was wrong ! We were wrong ! You guys apparently KNOW everything. Why the hell Darwin was trying to understand the evolution ? Why do thousands of people are trying to decrypt the human’s behaviors ? I regret that your personnal studies, research, or readings didn’t bring you on social, economical, geological or ethnical papers. It is worth reading that a bit for you. But I probably loose my time……..

  5. Karl-O,

    Here is a simple solution. Let’s ship every foreign criminal and welfare sponger in France back to the flea bitten Third World toilets where they came from.


    No more riots.

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