“Bolivar would be rolling over in his grave. If he was still in it.”

This has to be the most macabre and bizarre story of the week. Hugo Chavez, following the playbook of North Korea’s dictator, is so desperate to create a war of distraction with a neighbour in order to hide the worsening conditions in his own country, that Chavez has exhumed the body of Latin America’s hero of liberation, Simon Bolivar and is doing a feaux autopsy in order to claim that Bolivar was murdered by a Colombian general.

This of course, as Colombia has released solid evidence of dozens of FARC leaders being given aid and comfort in Venezuela and probably a lot more.

Thanks to Fausta for the video which looks a lot like that ‘alien autopsy’ video of the 1980s which fooled probably about as many people as this one will. If anyone speaks Spanish well enough to translate this, and feels anything said is worth hearing please let me know and lets subtitle this puppy.

For more on this story please go to Fausta’s site and read her article on it. This is just stunning. Why the news media here isn’t full of this story stuns me.

Also, here is her podcast on Chavez. I mean really if the news won’t cover this mans antics at least Comedy Central.

More general Chavez links here as well as a Spanish language news report on the FARC in Venezuela

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