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5 Replies to “Geert Wilders: International Freedom Alliance”

  1. The first thoughts I have of this possibility of blocking Islam here in the US are all positive and I would like to be involved as much as possible here in Denton, TX.
    But, what are we going to do with the way our constitution is written giving freedom of religion? Welcome any thoughts you may have.

  2. I think it should be banned in every country that wasn’t Muslim to begin with. Free North America of this filth, I’m with you Geert.

  3. Count me in! Mr Wilders is a brave man, and voicing the opinion of the silent majority.
    This is the West, the free world, the civilized world, founded on the ideals Christianity and to a large extent also Judaism. Our world, our freedoms, everything that we take for granted is under dire threat of being taken away from us by these hate-mongering semi-humans. I wouldn’t even describe Islam as a religion, it is nothing but a hate-cult, no different from the KKK, Nazis, or any other extremist organization which advocates the use of violence, murder and large-scale terrorism to achieve its ends.
    Stand up and let YOUR voice be heard! BAN ISLAM NOW!!!

  4. we need to get the koran labelled as a facist book…that way it will not receive the privileges other religions enjoy…..the culture that results from this facist book is backward and twisted…the teaching of violence can never give way to spirituality…..ban the koran…

  5. It’s scary Al-Qaeda’s planner of terror in Western cities. They will shoot random at innocent people on the streets. It could be you or your family member or mine.

    This kind of attitude in the name of religion, should induce an aversion among all people specially Muslims in the world, at least in Western societies.

    Therefore, all Muslims should express their aversion and clearly send a strong massage that they consider these actions as un-Islamic and inhuman and unworthy in any society, it only promotes Islamphobic attitude, which is spreading like wild-fire. It leads to unrest.

    Therefore, Muslims have a great responsibility. Only the Muslim population can do some thing to stop it by showing their non-participation repellent attitude. By keeping silent, it aggravates the misdeeds. Knowing crime is to be committed and doing nothing to stop it, is a bigger crime.

    If all the Muslims should do “stop terror” actions, it will shake the fundaments radical Islamists and gain huge good-will from non-Islamic public. It creates a good atmosphere for co-existence.

    To show the aversion, the following should be done for a “no-terror” period of say 5 years,

    1. Keep all Islam functions in the house four walls. No public celebrations. Especially Ramadan in 2011, which coincides with the 10 anniversary of the terrorist action 11.sept in the U.S., it will be a good reconciliation signal to the entire world

    2. By announcing post-phoning all mosques buildings in the West and the U.S. for a period say for 5 years without terror, a kind of construction stop. After which normal Muslim life can resumed with full sympathy from all.

    3. All women drop scarves and Burka, Allah will surely forgive and be happy for these ladies that they perform human act of protest against terrorism. A good cause.

    It will send a clear massage that Muslims hate terror. Islamists see that they barking the wrong tree and their actions are boomeranging, enhancing Islamphobic attitude. Even fellow Muslims are against them.
    They have to find some other peaceful ways, to argue their case and promote Islam as peace loving.
    After all, any religion only advocates peace.

    Dhamu Chodavarapu, Kaj Munks vej 21, 9600 Aars, Denmark,

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