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6 Replies to “Vlad Tepes interviews Sam Solomon”

  1. I don’t know if it’s my internet behaving badly, but the vid is taking decades to load up and run and then it runs in sputters.

  2. After studying Islamism since 9/11, I can see that Islamism is more than a political system. Islamism is a Crime Syndicate that is out to injure or murder everyone, including ALL MUSLIMS. And the Muslim god is actually Satan nicknamed Allah. The Muslim god, Satan, nicknamed Allah, isn’t the True God of the Christians and Jews, the True God of the Ten Commandments. Study Islamism carefully and you’ll see that Islamism is THE COMPLETE OPPOSITE OF THE TEN COMMANDMENTS.

    Islamism does not teach, not even, one lesson on Morality, Justice or Love of Neighbor. Islamism is fueled by hatred. Islamism spreads hatred, commits violence, deseminates unspeakable cruelty.

    So we must destroy the Criminal Activity of Islamism before the Criminal Activity of Islamism destroys us and even the nice Muslims.

    What are some of the crimes that the Crime Syndicate of Islamism commits?
    Answer: Honor Killings; Female Genital Mutilations; forcing little girls to “marry” uncontrolled, depraved, Muslim male sex perverts; Muslim male sex perverts raping little girls with impunity; murdering apostates who no longer wish to participate in criminal activity of Islamism; stoning women to death; suicide bombing; lashing little girls who try to escape a forced “marriage” to a depraved Muslim male sex maniac, and eventual rape of these little girls; hanging homosexuals by the neck until dead; lashing even old women for insignificant reasons; chopping off hands, feet, and gouging out eyes of petty thieves; polygamy and subsequent legalized adultery; the owning of private whorehouses by Muslim male sex maniacs who “marry” several playmates; legalized wife beating; legalized hypocrisy; legalized selfishness.

    Allow me to explain legalized hypocrisy: The depraved Muslim male sex perverts are allowed to “marry” several playmates. If a Muslim woman “marries” several men, she is stoned to death for adultery. The depraved Muslim male sex perverts gets away for committing the same sin, i.e., legalized adultery.

    Legalized selfishness: An example follows: At high noon, Muslim males will fall and bang their heads in the middle of a street, point their ugly hinders at the sun and began to chant to their god, Satan, sometimes called Allah. So here, the selfish Muslim hypocrites stop all traffic of “infidels” who have to work for a living. In essence, these Muslim hypocrites say: “To hell with the infidels. We have to pray to Allah.” It pleases their god Satan, but it makes the infidels very angry.

    There is much more. But I’ll leave that for another day.


  3. Sir, I don’t know if I caught it in time. But NOTIFY me if my little letter above appears. In the meantime, be careful, and watch out for those stupid Suicide Bombers who are always evil Muslims. THEY ARE DEADLY. BELIEVE ME. I DON’T KNOW WHY MUSLIMS PUT UP WITH THEM.

  4. Truth Detector:

    Yes, those that control islam is running a organized crime network. Statistics show between 30 to 90% of Islamic populations side with the extremist depending on the country. Most Islamic countries split 45 to 55% that side with them.

    This is an age old question I believe. if half the population of Islam is at war with us how do we defend?

    Today we treat each attack as a crime and act accordingly. The reason is because in reality Islam is a joke as far as a real military threat if they don’t have nukes. For example: Look at Japan during WWII and their Kamikaze pilots they did a great deal more damage then Islam ever has. The Kamikazes were actually a threat to our military which Islam could never get to that level.

    But nukes will be the game changer. Only when Islam is considered a military threat will the western civilizations treat them accordingly.

  5. Islam as a religion is the antithesis of the bible!
    It is the opposite of all that God teaches in the scriptures and therefore the religion of Islam must have originated from Satan as he would do everything to turn people from the true path of salvation! This can only be found in Christ as He paid the price of mankind`s sin on the cross of Calvary!
    Tha teachings in the quran are pure hate and there is no love and compassion for mankind!

    A muslim would argue and show you peaceful verses in the quran but these are abrogated and the later verses are taken as the final words for followers to put into practise, which the radical muslim terrorists use to justify their hateful and barbaric acts, especially to unbelievers around the world!
    The peaceful muslim believers are often those who only know the former, more peaceful verses in the main.
    It seems though that even the more peaceful muslims are antisemitic, so obviously the lies and distortions of particularly the arab media must play a part. Those muslims who are moderate are despised by the extreme radicals and would be in danger when it comes to conquest of the world!
    I fear this is what happens in territories like Gaza where unless they believe and support Hamas their lives would be in danger!
    Lebanon is I`m sure the same where the indigenous population live in fear and would not be able to speak out against the takeover by Hezbollah there!

    Israel is the only democracy in the Middle East!
    It is so sad to think how many people in the Middle East are ruled by the fanaticism of this evil religion and ideology of Islam and the barbaric system of Sharia law.
    The same is happening in Pakistan and many Christian and other non-muslims are persecuted and murdered there!
    The rise of Islam is happening all over the world and steps must be taken to stop this murderous conquest of all nations!

  6. Honestly… I’m not gonna waste my time replying to all of your disagreements against Islam, but since i have a little time, I’ll respond to a few. @Truth Detector, you clearly have never studied Islam for there is no such thing called islamism… @OxAO Islam was never at war with any country, Islam is a religion and is not represented by countries.. In other words, Islam is not trying to fight America, also Pakistan is the most powerful military force in its entire region, not to mention that they have also acquired nuclear intelligence. @Carole, If you read the Qur’an then you would see that Islam advocates generosity to others, so much to the point that if you are making a food in your house that has a good odor, then it is sinful to not share with your neighbors because they would desire to eat the food.

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