More important information on the Flotilla to Gaza

and here:

Lastly, its good to remember the root cause of this conflict as detailed below:

Palestinian TV preaching genocide: Jews are enemies of humanity from Palestinian Media Watch on Vimeo.

Thanks for the third vid to Bad Faun

More closeup footage of the attack on Israeli soldiers boarding the ships:

I think this is the same one as above but with subtitles

Here is an interesting comment under the BBC Israel defends itself video: Go to the point mentioned in the video and see for yourself:

Knives and metal bars kill. Throwing someone from 10 feet can kill.
The Israeli soldiers were using paintball guns (used for crowd control, 0:56), what other army in the world does that??
Their secondary weapons were handguns, and when (as you can see on the attached video) they were under heavy attack, with their lives at risk, they used them (1:05)

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  1. It is clear to any rational thinking individual that these practitioners of ‘The Religion Of Peace’ definitely wanted to spill blood of their followers and other naive sympathizers from other countries to gain sympathy with images of carnage splashed all over the MSM 24/7. The Palestinians have a long track record of harming their ranks and using doctored photos of ‘dead’ who strangely come back to life. Their Propaganda weapons never cease to operate. A picture is worth a thousand words even if it is a lie.

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