Muslims idea of community harmony is to sue to get your way.

Muslim doublespeak really is amazing. In this article from Australia, a set of Muslim families sue a water-park for telling them that their excessive dress was unhygienic for the various water activities, exactly as France has done and exactly for the same reasons, and of course the Muslims demanded money and a written appology claiming this was a victory for “Harmonious community relations”. Of course, harmony could never ever be Muslims obeying the damn rules when its in the interest of hygiene and proper health let alone the culture of the place they chose to move to.

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From Australian News at Google:

An Islamic woman has won $16,000 in compensation and a written apology after she and her friends were refused permission to go on water rides at Perth’s Adventure World because of their religious clothing.

Pakeeza Shaikh won the money this month following a year-long court battle after her group was told they could not go on water rides because of inappropriate swimwear.

Ms Shaikh complained in a private conciliation at the Equal Opportunity Commission that the group had suffered discrimination, and had been humiliated about covering up their bodies in line with their religious beliefs.

The parties could not comment yesterday because of a confidentiality agreement, but it is understood the money has been divided between the five Islamic families visiting the park as a group in February last year. It is understood they had rejected earlier offers of financial compensation until a written apology was included.

Ms Shaikh told _The West Australian _last year the women in the group were told they were not allowed on the water slides because their three-quarter length pants and their long shirts were inappropriate.

She said they were told if they were to enter the water, chlorine levels would have to be raised to counter the unhygienic effect from their clothes.

They were told their clothing could cause injury because it could get caught in the joints of the water slides. One woman in a head scarf was told to leave the baby pool.

The group had asked to see the rules that proved their swimwear did not meet the park’s standards. Management could not produce such a document and there were no signs to indicate the swimwear was inappropriate.

The Islamic Council of WA has applauded the result as a victory for common sense.

“We can never count victory in terms of dollars, but in terms of friendship and living harmoniously,” spokesman Rahim Ghauri said.

Adventure World general manager Grant Laidlaw said in February last year staff had made the decision after interpreting Health Department guidelines. He was satisfied they had complied with safety procedures.

The Equal Opportunity Commission said it could not comment on the case, but confirmed a recreation park had apologised to an Islamic group and paid $16,000 in compensation.

The commission said the recreation park had agreed to review its clothing guidelines, offered free entry passes to the group, and arranged a special welcome to restore the relationship with the families.

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  1. Like the in Europe well illustrated fact that, when muslim GIRLS insist on donning a headgear, it’s oriental and religious, while when their male counterparts don one, it’s western, secular and capitalitst (baseballcap), establishes that their idiosyncrasies have got nothing to do with religious motives and everything with provocation, their suing the recreation park for money establishes that their idiosyncrasies have got nothing to do with religious motives and everything with parasitism. The nature of these people is truly disgustingly ugly.

  2. And where does one think that the funds to pay for the settlement will come from? The funds will come from increased admission fees so no matter what happens the practitioners of ‘The Religion Of Peace’ are a financial burden on us all, weather it’s welfare or a bogus lawsuit these ‘religious racketeers’ always seem to win. Back in their countries of origin they won’t dare question their governments for fear of reprisal. If they want different accommodations

  3. My take on this? Australia is doing its best to become the next Britain when it comes to mahound-appeasing cultural suicide, especially if we consider the refusal of NSW legislators to ban the burqa and the niqab.

    Have such concessions in Britain made the mahoundians living there more thankful to the Britons putting their own heads on the chopping block? Have they seen a decrease in the number of terrorist threats facing their country? Has this nonsense made those mahoundians more likely to integrate or assimilate into British society? The answer to all of this questions is an unequivocal NO, and here’s why it is so: they’ve only shown those mahoundians one thing, and that is WEAKNESS and COWARDICE on the part of Britain (or its political elites, since they’re the ones doing the surrender), and mahoundians can interpret this only as a sign that the more they demand, the more they’ll get… Until Britain has become a “beautiful sharia paradise” such as Yemen or Somalia.

    As Andre Servier noted in his book about mahoundian inbred bedouin savages, The respect of his (the bedouin’s) neighbor is in proportion to the fear with which he inspires him. Give in to mahoundian demands, and contempt and more demands is all one can expect, since this is what emboldens them. Put your foot down and tell them “this ain’t a place for your inbred bedouin savage BS”, just as Switzerland has done through the Churchillian ban on minarets, and they’ll likely shut up or pack up and move to Sweden or, yep, Britain.

  4. Sounds like some of you are a little bitter (ie: @fredvanhees, @bethjones, and of course the unbiased author @eeyore)! This has nothing to do with parasitism, hygiene or “proper health”. They were discriminated against and denied entrance to a public waterpark, citing their attire as “unhygenic” for their reason.This has nothing to do with health code violations and we all know this.
    As quoted from the article “….She said they were told if they were to enter the water, chlorine levels would have to be raised to counter the unhygienic effect from their clothes.” HA! What a joke, only a person of true stupidity would have to believe this. I am a PROUD MUSLIMAH and I can testify to the fact that Muslims are some of the cleanest people I have ever encountered. We wash five times a day just to pray. How many people do you know that are non-Muslim that are this cleanly? Know your facts “Eeyore” before you go on some ignorant rant, you sound like a dick.

  5. Moslem culture is one of the most filthy non-white culture. Just look at their filthy hospitals, look at their filthy public place, look at ther filthy buses, look at their filthy toilets. Not surprisingly the they failed to respect the parks standards of hygiene.

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