Robert Spencer on the NYC Mosque near Ground Zero

I have refrained from saying anything about this mosque as I have a lot of questions I want answered before I weigh in on this issue. For example, how long has the property been available? What other offers where made on it? Why is two blocks from the former WTC sacred and if so, how many blocks around an attack site is sacred? Frankly its that attitude that is costing us the win. Its been 9 years now since 911 and there is still no new building in one of NYC’ most important and expensive areas. Had 2 newer better higher buildings been built right away, it would have been a giant middle finger to Islam and a testament to the American people. As it is, each day that goes by with no new building and a constant sense of the sacred and a victim mentality, the Muslims win. They take our stuff down, it stays down.

Yes I understand the symbolism of a Mosque arguably near the attack site, but frankly it might, not saying it is, but might be a stretch. Of course I am opposed to the building of any mosques given what takes place in them. They are a beach head or a toe hold disguised as religion. However the arguments against this one raise more questions than they answer. Why is it a Mosque can build a 13 story building in an area that has to cost a fortune, and why not a commercial venture, which strikes me as more likely.

Where did the money come from to build this thing?

In any Case, Robert Spencer is an expert on Islam and Koran/sharia law, and should not be ignored in terms of his opinions on this. So here it is:

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  1. Robert Spencer continues to ask the right questions and say the right things about Islam and its totalitarian world conquest aims.

    Why he isn’t a more prominent figure in the free world, like Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. was is anybody’s guess.

    I suspect that the original yippies, hippies and members of the Free Speech Movement are too comfortable in their retirement and being grandparents that they can’t be bothered to fight this known and relentless threat to our liberties.

    Wise up, America, your freedom is at stake and few people see it.

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