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One Reply to “UN Watch tells it like it is.”

  1. The UN is now a shill for Islam and OPEC.

    The western world is doing everything in its power to appease Islam, wherever Muslims are, for the need for oil and gas.

    That is at bottom why the UN has to go, or change back to a world leader in monitoring human rights and condemning those who perpetrate them.

    Islam’s leaders understand our weaknesses and turn them against ourselves. We fear losing oil and gas to run our economies on the one hand, and terrorist action by Muslims on the other. Those are the major weapons that Islam is using against us, to undermine our resolve to keep our human rights and improve civilization.

    Part of the grand jihad strategy is to seed not only the west with Islamists, but to seed the international organizations that have traditionally been the enemies of human rights abuses and of western civilization. The UN, the EU, the International Courts at the Hague have all been infiltrated by those who would see sharia law imposed on the world by any means necessary.

    It must stop.

    As I see it, the UN and these other bodies are more concerned with internal affairs and the smooth running of their sham councils than they do about what is actually going on outside of their offices and board rooms. And that is the greatest tragedy of the first two decades of the 21st century.

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