The drug that destroyed Western Civilization

I often muse to myself that there is one drug which really did destroy the west and it isn’t LSD, Marijuana or heroin. It is a clever mixture of progestin and estrogen.

It would appear that Raquel Welch agrees.

From The Mail Online:

The Pill ruined the institution of marriage, says Raquel Welch

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2 Replies to “The drug that destroyed Western Civilization”

  1. Still looking good after all these decades. Unlike Brigitte Bardot, who probably let herself go to keep the paparazzi from following her all the time.

    She is right, to an extent.

    After this form of birth control was introduced, it accelerated the process already within the western world whereby marriage vows began to mean nothing. When husbands and wives became more freely able to divorce or abandon their spouses or kids. When the families of broken marriages stopped intervention on behalf of one or the other spouse to prevent the family from falling apart.

    I do not condone spousal abuse or child abuse which can happen in traditional marriages, which are easier to get out of these days, but our more liberal attitudes toward commitment took a blow when women and men could have relationships without the need to think about the arrival of kids. “Easy come, easy go” is now the motto for hundreds of millions.

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