Life for many Norwegians in Norway.

For those of you that have Fox Lingo in firefox, or any other translation software on their browser, have a look at this. The left has reached it’s logical conclusion in Norway. Where racism is bad, but affirmative action is good, it is absolutely certain that active hatred of white people will be fine and any attempt to resist it is racism.

The left love to play word games. As if somehow, affirmative action is not racism. Well, I hope they like the results. Scratch that, I’m certain they do. This is after all, what they where after.

Tundra Tabloids does a report on this in English here.

Which reminds me of another video from Scandinavia on the same subject. One which was pulled from youtube even though thousands of ‘kill the jew’ videos remain there. (I do not blame youtube for that, chances are they don’t have enough Dutch and Arabic speakers to deal)

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