Spain begins to wake up

Here is a note I got from France:

“Look at the courage of the compatriots in Spain
Vive Europe waking up
Reply to the rats who insult us

and accompanied this silent film:

With this explanation:

A shameless group bury Piggy, a 100% Spanish piglet, in a lot owned by the Seville City Hall which will be gifted for the construction of the largest mosque in Europe. According to Islamic law, the lot is no longer viable because it is unclean. Now the lot is a burial ground for swine.

The banners with DN stand for the Democracia Nacional party

I am told, the comments at youtube under this video are very encouraging, and seem to indicate a growing desire of Spaniards to rid itself of the oppressive Islam within it’s borders.

Had it not been for revisionist history, one would assume Spain of all countries would never have allowed a single Muslim within it’s borders in perpetuity. Perhaps this time.

special thanks to Fausta and Gaia who respectivly explained the Spanish and French to me.

I should add, that while I do appreciate even a symbolic effort to oppose Islamic primacy, it strikes me that buying into the enemy’s magical thinking cannot possibly ever work. They made up the stuff about pigs, so they can make up the solution. For example, they can make up that the ground can be reconsecrated with a few muttered words from an Imam, and the blood of a dozen infidels, and hey-presto the ground is consecrated again.

So while I do appreciate the fact that some in Spain actually thought of something, then actually did it, and that is fantastic, it would be better if they as well as we, thought of and did things that actually work.

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