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3 Replies to “Bill Mahar almost gets it exactly right”

  1. If most celebrities got to this level, then most Americans would also get to this level. Its a sad fact that the average citizen will now only act to defend the country when celebrities and sports figures speak out.

    Islam is not compatible with our values.

    Bill Maher said that Islam is gong through what the west went through, a Dark Ages. He is unfortunately wrong in that regard.

    Islam’s internal strife is not about whether they are going to be more civilized or humane, but who will lead the world-wide caliphate if it should be established. This is the major divisive issue between Shiite and Sunni Islam, not whether it is wrong to kill non-believers and destroy their culture.

    Islam will never fo through the equivalent of the Reformation, which divided the Christians into Catholics and Protestants. That hard-won series of battles effectively liberated millions from what was then a corrupt leadership and paved the way for the Enlightenment to come. On boths sides of the Sunni/Shia divide there is no movement toward such goals.

    The koran remains their supreme arbiter of morality, politics, economics and religious practice with the hadiths and sunna providing their role models and sharia law providing a legal system. They will have nothing of learning from the west, or other systems of thought like Buddhism at all. Islam is a closed system.

    As the Dalai Lama said, you cannot discuss things with fanatics, their minds are closed. Islam is a fanatical system of thought.

  2. On Pat Robertson and limb-chopping, something that Bill Maher got better than one can expect from most people on the left, I remember how Bruce Bawer nailed the whole thing as the islamization of Europe hit him, when he actually thought that in the Old Continent he’d find refuge from the anti-gay bigotry of the likes of Robertson (I don’t know if these are the exact words, but it went as something like this): “while some evangelical priests in America wanted only to deny me the right to marry my partner, imams in Europe wanted to drop a wall on me.”

    Between denying gay folks the right to marry their partners and actually murdering them for their sexual orientation there is an abysmal difference… Good thing Maher too didn’t fail to see that.

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