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12 Replies to “A little English spirit.”

  1. As George Brown recently said, “That was a disaster.” To bad socialist leftists wanks like him haven’t realized that they have created the disaster, and when this fella and the EDL point out that fact, controlling the media, the police and spouting propaganda branding them racists rather than address their concerns will no longer cut it.

    There’s an election this week in the UK. No existing popular party will have the balls to address this. Pat Condell said it best that all Brits need to vote for independents, ‘cause the existing political UK parties are so corrupted by the PC MC relativistic ideology that they will never solve the societal problem that has created the EDL.

    God save the Queen. God save the British…and not Allah.

  2. bravo! this man is a man of sense and dignity and pride. He will never be a slave to arabs or even a slave to the slave of arabs like the Pakis. A man of dignity and pride of that there is not doubt.

  3. I’m not sure we can afford to watch. I think we may have to go fight with them. You are absolutely right that if they fall, we do next. Civilization cannot exist in a vacuum. It is more than a collection of villages, no matter what a modern university prof. of Women’s studies may say.

    We may have to go fight for England with her, and without the help and blessings of our, and certainly their, governments.

  4. True, we will have to fight with them on all fronts at the same time. We need to gain momentum and not let up until they go back home and let us live in peace again.

  5. It’s interesting to see this sort of thing. The guy is obviously a working class guy, saying what he thinks, and believes what he say.
    I will merely observe, that when the proletariat get the upper hand there’s inevitably a bloodbath of hideous proportions, to paraphrase Stephen King, “a door was opened, and could not be shut again”.
    It’s the upper middle class dimwits who’ve brought this about, it’s amusing to see them prancing about on the stage, denying the groundswell of hate they’ve brought about with their attempts to remodel a once great nation, to grovel at Arab Sultans.
    They’d better wake up, or the grave pit awaits.

  6. The working class will be the salvation of the West. I hope we can avoid a bloodbath. I really, really do. Everything I do and say is dedicated to avoiding our ever getting to that point. But at this pace it’s looking ever more likely we’ll end up Lebanon/Beirut on a continental scale.

  7. Jesusland in fact, I started this site, and all the other work I do, hoping to create enough awareness of the problems that face the Enlightenment to solve all or most problems with a mere swish of the pen.

    In some cases, that is still possible. But I also know in my heart of hearts, that a bloodbath, if it has to come to that again, is preferable to slavery.

    If the tree of liberty must be watered with the blood of tyrants from time to time, then let it be watered now, for when it is not, the tree of slavery is watered with tends of millions of decent regular folk.

  8. Its not exactly Rule Britainnia, but it will do.

    May the EDL prevail against jihad and dhimmitude.

    May the west remain free and relatively democratic.

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