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4 Replies to “Bill Whittle on Obama and Islam, Muslims and terrorism.”

  1. Political Correctness is the rope we as a nation we have crafted,and with which we will surely hang ourselves in an act of national suicide. The truth no matter how painful or hurtful is the only way to conquer any obstacle or enemy. Too many of our esteemed representatives always seem worried about offending a few small groups or another country,and blatantly ignoring the many for whom they work. It’s all about ‘feelings’ not fact or truth. As I stated in previous comments most politicians always prostitute themselves for votes not caring the character or political agenda of their supporters.

  2. Big Frank, Pat Condell once mentioned PC on one of his videos on mahoundianism as a drug addiction which is killing someone, but yet they’re unwilling to even try to kick the habit. Quite like the rope you’ve mentioned indeed.

  3. As much as we need an El Cid to fight Islam we also need to stop the wars we are fighting we can not even define our enemy.
    Both Iraq and Afghanistan are both allowed to practice Sharia proving it is more then political correctness.

    There is no point losing good men/women fighting a war we have already given up on.

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