Starving Palestinians.

An astute reader of Vlad happened to notice this sign, as he was watching the gag-video Vlad did a few days ago here...

… and was kind enough to send me the following chart from the economist. Here it is below with huge thanks to Proud Kaffir

Notice anything interesting? Check #8 left hand column.

Thanks again to Proud Kaffir

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  1. One quite odd thing about this ranking is that it comes from the PC MC islamophilic The Economist, whose editors and journalists never dare to say anything likely to insult child-molesting prophets or their brain-dead, fanatical worshippers… I’m glad they didn’t omit any of the results for the sake of anti-Israel, pro-fakestinian propaganda, as one would expect from pretty much everything coming from the dhimmi mainstream media these days.

  2. On what Martin has brought up about the study not being very recent, I’ve done a bit of searching on Google, and the first obesity ranking result produced included no mahoundian country other than Turkey. Given that they took 10 spots in the male and 14 in the female obesity rankings from The Economist, it’s clear that that particular “study” must have excluded such places for whatever reason (perhaps PC/MC, especially because, though not true, the USA is at the top of the list.) But I’ve also come across one article from al-BBC-ra published in 2008 which, though apparently excluding a lot of countries (among which those Israeli territories occupied by Ayrab squatters), included four mahoundian ones among the top ten; and, just like the rankings from The Economist, it was based on data from the World Health Organization.

    Given all the jam, cocoa and probably many other treats that the Fakestinians sure have been getting from Israel since then (and how little work or anything that requires energy and initiative their insh’allah fatalism, plus the billions of dollars in jizya they get from the West, allow them to get off their behinds to do), I doubt they must be any leaner these days.

  3. Hardship and starvation show up first in one place: mortality rates. Lest I put any ideas in your mind, go to the CIA fact book on google and see how the death rate in the West bank and Gaza compare with your own country. The next place they show up is in life expectancy, that too is worth a look.

  4. You said:
    “Notice anything interesting? Check #8 left hand column.”
    Well notice something interesting in row #3 of the right hand column.

    Their women are fatter than their men…

    Please give the link to the UN source..

  5. I had never seen this chart before- excellent resource.
    UNICEf, btw, recently released a study of maternal and child health around the world- the palestinian children fared better than all their peers, second only to Qatar

    And for a real slice of life in Gaza City, check out the online menu of the nicest restauarnt in Gaza City “Roots”, described by the Lonely planet guidebook as where “important people dine on steak au poivre and chicken cordon bleu”. They do pizza deliveries. They do themed birthday parties for children. They have banquet facilities for 500.

    What comes to my mind is “Just like the Warsaw ghetto”

  6. I’ve seen films in the past of the huge amounts of food in the palestinians markets and Gaza. When confronted about the obesity rate in that area, apologists say it’s the wrong kinds of food! Not true. Many veggies, fruits, and meats are available but so are sweets. They have to stay away from the candies and there won’t be a problem.

    Recently Danish reporter Steffen Jensen debunked the starving Gazan myth.
    While standing in front of market stalls overflowing with food, a palestinian woman complained, “We have nothing,” she said. We need everything! Food, beverages … everything! ” As she commented she was surrounded by “mountains of vegetables, fruit, eggs, poultry and fish…” Much of the food comes from Israel.

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