Feminists today mostly, should be deeply ashamed of themselves.

Somehow, feminists, who once marched to get equal rights before the law for women, for genuine autonomy and so on, have allied themselves with the most misogynistic cult in the history of mankind. All those amazing women who marched for the vote, for reproductive rights, for equality in law, they must be sick not just to see how fast governments and cultures are submitting to Islam, but to see the very feminist groups they founded taken over by Marxists more interested in destroying Western Civilization than preserving the brilliant gains made by women over the centuries.

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  1. My my my how times have changed for women in the west.

    One day they are burning bras, the next they are avoiding all talk of the oppression of women in Muslim countries and neighborhoods.

    I guess that the women there are “so conditioned that they like how they are abused” or some such rot.

    Give any “feminist” one week under the thumb of Muslim men and I suspect they would either be dead or singing a different tune about burqas, hijabs and the like.

    Each time I see a woman in restrictive Muslim dress, I am reminded of the yellow stars that Jews had to wear during the Nazi occupation of Europe.

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