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5 Replies to “Diana West speaks on Geert Wilders on Russian TV”

  1. The interviewer just can’t connect the dots! Too many people just can’t grasp the concept that it is suicide to be tolerant to EVERYTHING!!! Leftism carried to the extreme, and as Pat Condell aptly put it, ” The medecine [progressivism] has become the disease.”

  2. I thought that Diana West did a great job there, every time I hear her speak or read her articles, posts and books I am very impressed. The interviewer on the other hand used standard leftie techniques of defining the issues within a couple of knee jerk words like Xenophibia, Hate and Imperialism, again shows just how poor the MSM are even if this was Russian TV…

  3. This is the first time I have seen a leftie interviewer on RT. That little snippet of a girl does not know a thing about Islam and is adamant not to learn even the first step. Amazingly, West kept her composure in the face of such opposition and that can happen only when you know what you are talking about and can say it with conviction.
    On the other hand, the leftie bimbo was just that, a bimbo.

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