Communism fail:

Hugo Chavez’s obscenely bad central planning has led to one of the worlds energy richest nations having rolling power blackouts (not to mention grotesque lack of basic foodstuffs) even to the point where the power goes out on one of his own press conferences. Thank god, as they say, for small mercies.

From the Washington Post: H/T Fausta

CARACAS, Venezuela — Power failures have become a fact of life in Venezuela, but the energy problems have not affected the presidential palace – until now.

President Hugo Chavez was giving a televised address Thursday when the broadcast on state TV was suddenly interrupted. TV screens went fuzzy for a couple of seconds, then the channel switched to a spot urging Venezuelans to save electricity.

When the live broadcast resumed minutes later, Chavez said the interruption was caused by problems with a power generator.

Chavez blames energy shortages on a drought and low water levels at the Guri Dam, which supplies about 70 percent of Venezuela’s electricity. Critics argue Chavez has failed to invest enough in electricity production.

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