New Statesman Political Editor: Non-Muslims “Like Animals”

Mehdi Hasan, the New Statesman‘s political editor, recently attacked UKIP‘s Lord Pearson for his comments about radical Islam in Britain.

Yet this magazine has advanced the idea of a “kosher conspiracy,” in which British Jews are supposed to effectively control the government. And Hasan has stated that non-Muslims live “like animals” (see video below):

H/T Up Pompei

2 Replies to “New Statesman Political Editor: Non-Muslims “Like Animals””

  1. Well it’s pretty easy to obey a “moral” code, when it includes, multiple wives, the love of pre pubescent girls, slaving and murder, amongst its rules.
    Shame the Supreme Dalek doesn’t ponder the contradictions within Islam’s morality and the “animals” he so despises.

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