Ukip threatens action over debate

From the Hereford Times

The UK Independence Party has threatened legal action if the BBC does not allow the party to participate in Thursday’s televised leaders’ debate.

Party leader Lord Pearson of Rannoch has written to BBC director-general Mark Thompson arguing that the corporation is breaching its own election coverage guidelines by refusing to allow Ukip equal footing with Labour, Conservatives and the Liberal Democrats.

Lord Pearson said that if the BBC does not agree to allow him to participate in the debate by noon on Wednesday, Ukip will apply to the courts for a judicial review of the decision and injunction overturning the ruling. Continue Reading →

New Statesman Political Editor: Non-Muslims “Like Animals”

Mehdi Hasan, the New Statesman‘s political editor, recently attacked UKIP‘s Lord Pearson for his comments about radical Islam in Britain.

Yet this magazine has advanced the idea of a “kosher conspiracy,” in which British Jews are supposed to effectively control the government. And Hasan has stated that non-Muslims live “like animals” (see video below):

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Lord Pearson elected head of UKIP

Congratulations to Lord Malcolm Pearson, new leader of England’s UKIP party. Last night I posted a video of the former leader of UKIP blasting the EU parliament and rightfully so. Lord Pearson is just the man to help British Railways find the tracks they left so long ago.

From BBC

Lord Pearson of Rannoch has been elected the new leader of UK Independence Party.

He will succeed Nigel Farage, who is standing down to focus on running for Parliament at the next election.

UKIP came second to the Conservatives in June’s European elections and is hoping to build on this success.

Lord Pearson defeated MEPs Gerard Batten, Mike Nattrass and Nikki Sinclaire, and Alan Wood, a councillor from Wiltshire, in the contest.

‘EU deception’

He gained nearly half of the approximately 9,900 votes cast by UKIP members.

Lord Pearson, who defected from the Conservatives in 2007, said it was an “enormous honour” to lead the party.

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Lord Pearson and UKIP?

A Millar sent me this link to the BBC site which has the whole video of this interview with Farage who discusses the future of the UKIP and Lord Malcolm Pearson’s place in it. It is a little long and dry so I took out the bit I liked below.

To save the trouble of finding the links, I’ll re embed the video here below as well for those who have not seen the International Free Press Society’s interview with Pearson:

Lots has happened to this poor little video above. Several sites have embedded parts of it and The News of the World, a large British tabloid that typically doesn’t show a lot of men and certainly not fully clothed ones, downloaded it, edited it (So far I can’t complain I do a fair amount of that myself) and then re-uploaded it claiming it was their own original footage! Anyway enjoy.

IFPS and Lord Malcolm Pearson

Here is a chilling interview with the man who invited Geert Wilders to speak at the British House of Lords. ‘This is not a right wing nut’ nor a racist but in fact a liberal in every sense of the word and most importantly, in the true ‘Jeffersonian’ sense of it. Once men of this caliber begin to risk their public profile with opinions which are unfashionable, it is safe to say we have a very real crisis on our collective hands.

Lord Pearson Oct 28 Washington DC from Vlad Tepes on Vimeo.