Videos from Iran. Tehran 11 Feb 2010 Protest P12

gates of Vienna passed me these clips. More information will be available there. Click through to the youtube page they are hosted on, and some information is there. The Iranian regime has done all it can to shut down communications for it’s people to the outside world. Gmail for instance was closed starting a day or more before the 11th, and other services were shut down. has more on the specifics. Sorry to be vague on this one, but vague is better than wrong. More info as it comes my way.

There is more here for those that are willing to rely on a machine translation, or can speak this Scandinavian language.

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  1. It is good that the people are standing up to the regime. However, is this not what they wanted. They wanted a hardline Arab loving regime to stand up to the Shah’s West loving regime. They wanted Islam with a vengence. They took western people hostage and held a death to America rally every friday for the last 30 years. Some people are now veterans of death to America rallies. Who know what these people want now. Perhaps they are moderate muslims of the sort we hear so much about in the West. I am way too cynical to trust people who have had so much hatred for Westerners instilled into them over the last 30 years.

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