Diana West: ‘Spoofing the death of Wilders’

From Diana West

Behold the smug mug of Willem Stegeman, who has made a Dutch state-subsidized film “spoofing” an assassination attempt on Geert Wilders.


Of course, the grotesquerie of Stegeman and his “spoof” are not the main story in a backward — no, twisted — report from Radio Netherlands Worldwide (RNW) that leads with the response (“furious”) of Party for Freedom (PVV) members over “Radio FunX’s” assassination-attempt entertainment. Almost as breath-taking is the nasty photo of Wilders with which RNW, supposedly a news organization, illustrates the story.

Currently embroiled in open-ended Kafka-esque legal jeopardy, Wilders has lived under permanent threat of death since that November day in 2004 when Theo van Gogh was assassinated in broad daylight on an Amsterdam street, his head nearly cut off and an Islamic manifesto pinned with a knife into his chest threatening Wilders and Ayaan Hirsi Ali with a similar fate.

What better subject for state-subsidized parody?

From the story, which includes a trailer of the stomach-turning video:

Radio FunX director Willem Stegeman said that the full satirical video will be released next week. “It is an unmistakeable parody. I cannot give away the plot, but I can reveal that it will be a total anti-climax. We are exploring how far we can go, and some may find it in bad taste. But the same can be said of statements by some people in the political spectrum.

Get it, get it? “Spoofing” Wilders’ death is “bad taste” just as “some people” (Wilders) discussing the Islamic institutions of jihad and dhimmitude in this crucial period of Western Islamization is in “bad taste.” Watch out, mijnheer Stegeman. Your IQ is showing.

We are putting an ironic slant on the whole thing, striking a blow against all the ponderousness surrounding Mr Wilders.”

I think by “ponderousness” he means the two-ton bullet-proof vest Geert must wear anytime he appears in public, and the security detail his life now depends on.

Mr Stegeman emphasised that the film makers are not after demonising the nationalist right-wing anti-Islam MP. “But the film’s author is definitely drawing a connection with Pim Fortuyn,” the popular outcast politician who was assassinated in 2002 following a plea for stricter immigration rules.

Not demonizing Wilders, oh no — but “definitely” connecting Wilders to the demonized Fortuyn?

Words fail.

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3 Replies to “Diana West: ‘Spoofing the death of Wilders’”

  1. I don’t know when and why it did happen but the Dutch leftish and in whole Europe it is not stupidity with these people they are 100% criminals, Labour iin Great Brittain, PvdA in Holland, a fool who is MP in Spain who wants Turkey top join the EU.
    May God punish Europe with deadly flu and only some survive, living between these fools they are less than pig-shit, including Blair and Brown.

  2. Right. It´s time the Dutch political establishment take responsibility for this leftish fatwa against one of the last freedomfighters.

  3. In the old days thy used Dutch courage as a way of brainless solving a dispute of other nasty happenings.
    Alcohol as tool for killing the few braincells.
    Drugs is never connected with courage but is a used on a wide front to help the government making sense of its obvious stupid childish way of governing the Dutch.
    Dutch science is new, it means wherever is a problem a homemade movie will explain it all. What by the way Al Gore did.
    That movie was of great influence for plans to protect the Dutch with a 50 m high dike around the country to make it truly a real madhouse.

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