Some articles about the trial in NYC

It would appear that Obama has bowed to reality again and decided against having the trial of KSM in New York. I have to admire that. With a few more policy adjustments in the face of what is actually rational, Obama may look a lot like George W. at the end of the day. Meanwhile, here are a couple of rather interesting articles on why having this trial in New York is a bad idea, and what sort of people the detainees at Guantanamo really are.

First, from Michelle Malkin on the trial currently underway of an Al Queda suspect who is a microbiologist and was likely planning an attack on the US of a rather high magnitude, with the intention of doing as much harm and causing as much death as her skills as a graduate biologist could create.

Second, the personal story from the New York Post of a security guard at Guantanamo and how he was attacked and who resides there.

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