Another gem from the KitmanTV mine. LSD and Russia

Kitman found this gem and explained it to me this way.

‘Why (paraphrasing) do you think the culture changed so much in the 60s? From every college kid in the 1950s and before feeling honour bound to do his duty for his country in the US and Western Europe to a massive movement of hedonism and drug abuse?’

In fact, while many of us remember the CIA experiments with LSD on the unwitting people of Montreal, it would appear to be a mere shadow of what the Russians were experimenting with and to what purpose. Is it that much of a stretch that the Soviet communists would introduce large amounts of LSD and other drugs to western youth if it had been determined to cancel aggression and foster an anti war sentiment? I dunno. But this is an interesting video no matter what. For all interested in communism, irrational leftism and Islam get a pick and shovel and dig around KitmanTV for a while. An important repository of material questioning the left.

Eeyore for Vlad

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  1. Yes of course you are correct. Perhaps I should have used the term ‘Soviet’. However I am let to believe that this was a Russian initiative stemming from a policy set by Russia.

  2. “…a universal cosmic wisdom that is embedded into our genetic memory…”

    Is this a parody of drug-addled para-reasoning? Or are you serious? The film in the above post is sufficient to demonstrate how LSD can turn anyone into a gibbering idiot.

  3. Drugs produce and altered state. I suspect that there may be drugs, perhaps developed for Parkinson’s or other forms of dementia that actually improve cognative ability in an miracle way, but LSD aint it. To the poor fella who was exposed at an early age, I suggest you get the best help you can and see if you can recover your brain. My heart goes out to you. LSD is a truly horrific and dangerous drug. Recreationaly, it can mess with you but if you start to pretend it will lead you to greater understanding it can destroy you.

  4. Unfortunately I can’t watch the video. I’m in China where free access to the web is… discouraged.
    All in the interest of maintaining an “harmonious” society

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